The Story of Matt's 17 Lber!

Ever wonder what it would be like to catch a 17 lb bass? You sure didn't dream it would go like this! Matt's 17 lber had every opportunity to escape but somehow, against all odds she found her way to the net!

Matt takes you back to 2005 on little Rancho Seco Lake in Northern California. He had spent years trying to learn how to catch bass on a swimbait unsuccessfully but this day would be different! Bolstered by twin 11 lbers the week before, Matt returned to the lake with a renewed confidence.

In the midst of everything going wrong, the fish of a lifetime finally bit! Everything that could go wrong went wrong, but somehow it worked out in the end. The fish weighed as heavy as 17.8 lbs but Matt was comfortable with the consistent weight of 17.2 lbs. 

What makes this fish so special (aside from the obvious) is that she became the impetus for Tacticalbassin. She permanently changed the course of Matt's life, ultimately bringing us here. If you'd like to read the article on Bassmaster click here

The gear Matt SHOULD have been using...

Huddleston Deluxe 8" Rainbow Trout

Rod #1-956
Rod #2- 807

Reel #1 (Round Option)
Reel #2 (Low Profile Option)

Line- 65 or 80 lb Braided Sufix 832

Leader- 30 lb Maxima

Vary Your Hookset To Land More Bass

In Bass Fishing its very easy to get into a rhythm and stop adapting. Matt and Tim explain why you need to vary your hookset to catch more bass. Whether you're a brand new bass fisherman or a seasoned bass angler, these tips will help you land more of the bass that bite your bait. 

In this Bass Fishing video Matt and Tim explain the differences between hooksets for frog fishing, jig fishing, dropshot / worm fishing, and crankbait fishing. There are 4 basic hookset styles... 

1) Hammer Home Hookset!
2) Load Up Hookset
3) Sweep Hookset
4) Reel Down Hookset

If you learn to use each of these hooksets effectively you will begin catching more bass. Its hard enough to get a bass to bite, don't blow it by setting the hook the wrong way and losing the fish half way to shore.

Below are the rods that are a perfect match for each hookset style broken down into two categories... First, what we actually use. Second, budget bass fishing rods.

What Matt Uses: 746     
What Tim Uses: 736 
Budget Bass Fishing: 7'3" Heavy

Best Swimbaits for New Anglers

The Swimbait market has exploded the last few years. We've gone from a handful of choices to hundreds of nearly identical baits flooding the market. So what is a guy to do? Are you supposed to buy them all and hope there is a winner in the mix? 

We'll make it simple for you! Tim recommends the 3 most consistent paddle tail swimbaits we've been able to find. We aren't saying the others don't work great, we're just saying that if you need a starting place, these are sure fire producers. 

Tactical Bassin Apparel!!

We're stocking back up on TacticalBassin apparel! If you've been looking for a hat, hoodie, or sun shirt, now is your chance! We're placing the order on Friday and expect to ship to you on November 4th. Last opportunity to order is Thursday, October 20th at 7 PM. Here are the details...

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How do you order? Simply send paypal payment to, be sure to include your address and phone number, as well as items/sizes.

If you have any unanswered questions please direct those to and we'll answer you shortly. Thank you for your continued support of TacticalBassin! We wouldn't be able to produce this content without our amazing viewers like you!!


Save $$$ By Making Your Own Feathered Trebles!

Feathered trebles are an awesome way to accent your favorite topwaters and jerkbaits but store bought options are very limited. Matt shows a fast and easy way to build your own feathered trebles on the water and the best part is you can do it with any hook you want! 

This quick tip will save you so many headaches! You're no longer limited to 3 sizes and a few colors of feathered trebles. Any size, any color, and any model of hook is fair game as you quickly and easily accent your own trebles. All you need is a hook of your choice, some craft hair or feathers, a small piece of shrink tube, and a lighter. 

Here are Matt's favorite hooks and components for making feathered trebles...

Are You Using the Best Jighead?

Darter, Football, Shakey, ball head... it almost sounds like bass fishing has its own language. With all of the options on the market, which jig head styles should you be using? Tim explains the difference between the four most common head styles and what each one should be used for. 

Just because you've been told to use a head for a particular application doesn't mean that's its only, or even its "best" application. We hope these insights into each head style help you increase your finesse fishing game this Fall!

Different head styles:

Screwlock Style Shakey Head
Traditional Style Shakey Head

Gamakatsu Ball Head

Football Head W/ Weedguard
Football Head Plain Style

Darthead Painted
Darthead Unpainted

All of these heads are meant to be combined with a plastic trailer to create the desired effect. We recommend starting with one of the following baits if you do not currently have a favorite...

-Yamamoto Hula Grub
-Roboworm 6" Fat Worm
-Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver