Sight Fishing: Beyond the Basics

This week Tim breaks down some of the keys behind being a consistent sight fisherman. This isn't what color jig to throw, or how to make a fish mad. Its the fine details of boat positioning, fish behavior, clothing, even which lenses see deeper in which water colors (These Eye Surrenders are what we wear and it will save you some $$$, you don't need overpriced optics).

This is a video you need to watch and understand if you do any sight fishing throughout the year. Sight fishing, especially for spawning bass, is an art form. Many anglers, both tournament and trophy, complain about guys who sight fish but most of this comes from their own insecurities or lack of understanding (Yes, there are a few purists in the mix but they're the rare ones). You don't have to have the best eye sight or the most time on the water to be the best sight fisherman. Sure it helps, but understanding bass behavior is much more important.

If you can learn how the bass moves both on and off the bed, what sort of predators its dealing with, and most importantly, when its really interested and when its just darting around, you'll be so much more successful! Again, sight fishing is an art. If you want to be great at it, its going to take some practice. There is a short window during the year to hone your skills so don't waste time. Learn the skills and apply them right away. Good luck out there!


Swim Jig Season

The swim jig is a great bait throughout the year but it really shines in the spring! As the bass are moving off the beds  and beginning to feed again the swim jig stands alone as a bait that can be thrown into virtually any cover. Aside from the way it comes through vegetation, the secondary action is what sets the bait apart.

We've been on an awesome swim jig bite the last few weeks using a two-pronged approach. First, we're using the California Swim Jig around spawning beds. The defensive fish can't resist a bluegill color! The second pattern is to target the post-spawn fish that have begun shifting into their summer patterns. As the fish pull out into the grass beds to recover from the spawn We've been able to draw the fish up out of the grass with shad colored offerings.

Instead of filming a whole new video about throwing the swim jig we decided to replay this video on the California Swim Jig. This bait revolutionized swim jig fishing, catching giant bass from coast to coast after this video hit youtube. Understanding why the bait works works, how it works, and when to throw it, will have a huge impact on how you target bass during the post-spawn season. Good luck out there!

What's New With Tactical?

2015 has already been an amazing year for the TacticalBassin family! Starting with Tim's state record spotted bass and moving on to dozens of trophy largemouth, this was a spring we'll never forget!

With such amazing fishing under our belts we felt it was time to take a break for a few weeks and create a game plan for the future of Tactical Bassin. Looking toward the future, we decided to step up our equipment. Tim headed down to Las Vegas for the NAB 2015 conference to see what's new in the camera/electronics world and came home with some awesome new equipment that will allow us to stay on the forefront of bass fishing video!

We look forward to fine tuning these new tools to capture fishing from new angles, heights, and depths. Keep an eye out for even more amazing footage during the later part of 2015!


Adjusting to Braided Line

If you haven't picked up the April edition of FLW's Bass Fishing magazine, grab a copy and take a look at the article on properly adjusting to braided line. If you haven't made the switch yet, its worth your consideration. In honor of the article, we're revisiting our video on properly adjusting to braided line.

There have been a few advancements in braided line since this video was uploaded but we still make all of these same adjustments. The brands of line may have changed (Sufix 832 is hard to beat) but the concepts and principals are as applicable now as the day the video was shot. Do yourself a favor and start making the switch to an "All Braid Diet" before your next trip!


How to Walk a Frog

Earlier this week Tim and Matt got to spend a day frog fishing the California Delta. As the day was winding down we realized that many of the fish had been caught while "walking" the frog. While many anglers know how to do this, some do not. We decided to take a few minutes and try to teach you how simple it really is to "walk the frog".

While this concept is incredibly simple, the reality can be very difficult for most anglers. Hopefully this step by step tutorial will help you dial in your technique so that you can catch more frog fish on your next outing.

The frog in this video is a River2Sea Bully Wa but this concept can be applied to ANY frog on the market. Always remember, if the frog isn't walking, its not the frog you're probably just over-working it!

Ken Leverich Benefit Tournament

This week we didn't have time for a new video because we're feverishly preparing for the Ken Leverich Benefit Tournament. The good news is, you're invited! If you live anywhere near the West Coast we invite you to come out to Russo's Marina on the California Delta, April 26th. Join the Tactical Bassin family for a day of fishing and fun while raising money for a great cause!

  • Entry Fee: $120 per team (Half of entry fee will go directly to Ken's medical bills)
  • Big Fish Option: $30 per angler ($60 per team)
  • Raffle to follow weigh-in!

The raffle is growing every day with overwhelming support from Eye Surrender Eyewear, JSJ Baits, Butch Brown, C&C Marine, Phenix Rods, River2Sea, Gone Fishin' Marine, Polymer80, Fishawn Plug Knockers, and more!

To be a part simply donate $10 or more to Ken’s medical bill fund at: and bring a copy of your donation confirmation email to the tournament and receive three raffle tickets for every $10 you donated! We will also be selling raffle tickets at the event for $5 each. All proceeds from raffle tickets sales will go towards funding Ken’s medical bills.

Ken Leverich was a great man and father to Matt Leverich, an avid Northern California Tournament Angler who has supported Tactical Bassin from the very beginning. Ken recently lost his fight with ALS (Lou Gherig's disease). We're hosting this tournament to help the family raise funds to deal with the remaining medical bills and appreciate your involvement! If you can't make the event but feel the urge to help support the Leverich family, you can donate directly at

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email at