Giants Eating Frogs: Full Video

When River2Sea approached us about their new and improved frog called a Bully Wa 2 we weren't sure what to expect. The Spittin' Wa is such an amazing frog how could it possibly get any better? (If you haven't seen the Spittin' Wa Video, see it here) Well much to our surprise, it got better!

The Bully Wa 2 is a fast-walking frog with a tall body that pushes a tremendous amount of water with ease. The hook comes with a unique bend that is ready to fish out of the package resulting in a great hookup ratio. Open the packaging, trim the legs to your desired length, and you're ready to fish!

For us, there were 3 colors that stood out the most. The first is called "Little Allen" and yes that name came from Tim (Little) and Matt (Allen). We were so excited when they decided to include this color scheme in their lineup because day in and day out, its both of our favorite! The other two are "Ghost" and "Yellow Head".

This frog fishes great in slop but its specialty is open water. Walk it along docks, over cover, or even for suspended fish, and you're going to love the result! You can see by the video that the bass had no problem coming up from the depths to explode in the open. The days of only throwing a frog around cheese or pads are over!

Do yourself a favor and check out the River2Sea Bully Wa 2!

Note: If the video won't play its because you need to watch it from a desktop. Unfortunately its not mobile-friendly.

Tim's Service During Fires Gains National Recognition

Most of you know Tim Little (Co-Owner of as an awesome angler and video editor. Until this week however, very few of you had any idea what he does for work. Tim generally stays quiet about his job, choosing instead to let everyone assume that he's just out fishing every day. In reality, Tim works harder than anyone else I know and rarely makes it out on the water. He's not out fishing every day, in fact he's rarely fishing every month (Its just that when he does hit the water, he's a hammer). 

As a California Fish and Wildlife Warden he works incredibly long hours. I mean LONG HOURS... I can't begin to explain how many times I've stayed at his house while at Clearlake and not even seen him. He's out responding to call after call and doesn't get to break for sleep or family time, let alone fishing or fun.

During the first day of the Valley Fire in Lake County, Tim did what he always does; he responded to a need. While evacuating people from their homes near Cobb Mountain a call came in that a grandmother and young child were trapped in an area that would soon burn. He wasn't the first to receive the call but he was the only responder with a vehicle that might make it in. Without hesitation, he went in and successfully saved those two lives. Later that day he did the same with another elderly woman trapped in a different home.

When Tim told me about the experience the next morning (He hadn't slept or been home yet) it didn't even register in my mind as being extraordinary, because frankly that's just Tim. That's what my friend does when people need help. Somewhere in the story telling I heard him say "I'm not sure it was smart to be up there, it was really bad" but that wasn't even a factor in his decision making at the time.

Tim's heroics while helping evacuate families garnered national attention this week. Its been amazing to see the story ripple across the nation! He's the last person who would ever want this sort of attention but that's exactly the kind of person who deserves to get it. 

He wasn't the only responder on that mountain. His partner Ryan Stephenson and several other individuals from local departments were also up there "just doing their job" being hero's as well. When you see these guys, please thank them, though they'll probably be embarrassed to hear it.

Please forgive us for not having a fresh bass fishing video for you to watch this week. As you are now aware, Tim is a very busy man. While he pours his heart into every video he edits for this site, it is a very small part of the responsibilities he carries. Thank you so much for your support of Tacticalbassin and of Tim!


Small Swimbait Storage Made Easy

What started off as a joke between friends on facebook turned into Mike Bucca (Owner of the famous Bull Shad Swimbaits) filming an awesome video on swimbait storage. Its such good information we had to share it to the whole Tactical Bassin community!

I will be the first to admit I didn't even know this box existed. It turns out Plano made a box called a FlipSider 3744. Its not available at all the major retailers but a quick google search will turn them up. If you fish slim swimbaits like the bull shad, bull herring s-wavers, or other glides, this is the storage solution you've been waiting for!

Bucca shows how you can store an incredible number of swimbaits in this single box. The baits drop into individual trays, keeping them organized and protected. It also keeps the tails straight and hooks untangled. If you have a collection of swimbaits, do yourself a favor and check out this box!

Isn't it amazing how the little things make all the difference in bass fishing? Tim and I want to thank Mike Bucca for this awesome video and his long standing support of Tactical Bassin! If you guys aren't familiar with his products visit

How to Tune a Crankbait

Its so frustrating to reach in to your box, choose a crankbait, make that perfect cast, and find out the bait won't run straight. In some cases the bait may even spiral back toward the surface. Luckily, there is a really simple solution to this problem!

All you need is a pair of needle nose pliers. For us boaters, Tackle Warehouse offers quite a few pairs of stainless steel and aluminum pliers to avoid rust.  If your bait is tracking to the right, slightly bend the metal anchor in the bill to the left. If its tracking left, gently bend right. Keep in mind that its very easy to over-bend and create an even more significant pull in the other direction, so make very small adjustments at first.

Lastly, don't forget that you can intentionally cause the bait to run sideways. Let's say you're fishing a rip rap bank that extends for a few hundred yards. Instead of having a bait that tracks parallel to the wall, a simple adjustment can make the bait track toward the rocks, causing the bait to deflect and draw more fish as it bounces along the wall.

We hope these tips helps! Stay tuned for next week and until then, good luck out there!

Backlash Tricks

There's nothing worse than fishing in the wind, trying to hold position on a spot, picking away at a backlash that just won't budge! Some of us face this more frequently than others but the reality is, we all get backlashes. Over the years we've picked up a few tricks to speed up the process.

If you're not using these two quick tricks when you get a birds nest, you're wasting a ton of valuable fishing time!

Both of these methods work best with monofilament or fluorocarbon. (In case you're wondering both Tim and Matt use Seaguar AbrazX when fishing Fluorocarbon) They'll work with braid as well but you'll need them less often.

While both tricks are simple in execution, they're difficult to explain without demonstration. The first involves thumbing the spool and reeling over the backlash then backing the line out slowly to loosen the trapped lines from within. The second method is to back the drag off and remove excess loops instead of pulling 5, 10, or even 15 extra feet of line off the spool to get that last loose loop or two off the spool. Please watch the video to fully understand how both methods are used.


Launching a Boat By Yourself

Like many fishing guides around the country I spend most of my mornings pulling up to an empty parking lot and launching my boat without any help, long before the sun rises. Without any other anglers around or bright lighting to help, its important I get it right the first time.

I regularly bump into other anglers struggling to get their boats in and out of the water without the help of a partner. This sparked an idea for Tim and I to show you exactly what it looks like to launch the boat alone. Its really a simple process and with a little practice can become second nature. Having no partner shouldn't keep you from going to the lake and having a great time!

The next time you're at an empty launch ramp take a few minutes to practice launching solo. Before long you'll be catching fish whether your partner is available or not. Good luck out there!

Note: For those of you launching solo in areas without docks or improved ramps, check out the Z-Launch system to simplify the process.