Two GIANT Bass, One Swimbait!! CRAZY!

From bad, to worse, to EPIC! You've got to see it with your own eyes to believe this insane big bass catch! Two fish on one cast is crazy but doing it without a rod, how is that even possible???

The cast started like any other but when Tim's S-Waver was clipped off his line by an aggressive fish it went downhill quickly. He thought the bait was lost until he saw movement in the water. A 2nd flash revealed two fish struggling with one another for control of the swimbait. In the midst of the commotion Tim was able to slip a net under them and successfully land the two fish without the use of his swimbait rod. CRAZY!

If it weren't for the footage it would just be another fish story. You've got to check it out!

The Gear...

S-Waver 200 Swimbait:
Replacement Hooks- 1/0 Owner St-36:
Replacement Split Ring- Size 5 Hyperwire:

Rod- Dobyns 867 (8'6" Heavy):
Reel- Shimano Tranx 300:
Line- 80 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- Maxima 30 lb Ultragreen:

Promar Grande Net:


TacticalBassin Put To The Test In The Midwest!

Brutal Rain, Cold, and Wind settled in over Michigan but the guys from TacticalBassin still found active fish. Come along for a Wet and Windy trip! You might just see them catch a few on Topwater when its 40 degrees outside!

The plan was to spend some time on the Crystal Clear waters of Northern Michigan catching Smallmouth and shooting video with a handful of great anglers. The reality was a storm that reached from Northern Canada all the way to Florida and seemed to be centered perfectly over Michigan. Day after day the rains continued to pour until we couldn't stand it anymore and had to get out on the water!

You'd have expected a slow bite but that wasn't the case. While it was difficult to film it wasn't difficult to get bit. From swimbaits to Topwater, those Smallmouth and Largemouth bass were feeding up before Winter arrived!

The Gear...

Reaction Innovations Vixen (Bone, Chartreuse Shiner):
Upgraded Vixen Hooks (Size 4):
Upgraded Vixen Split Rings (Size 3):

Jackall TN70 Lipless Crankbait (RT Scale Minnow, Ghost Minnow):

Matt Allen Swimbait Head (3/8 oz):
Keitech 3.8 and 4.8 (Electric Shad, Chartreuse Blue):

Keitech Combo...
Rod- G-Loomis GLX 843C MBR:
Reel- Shimano Chronarch MGL:
Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:

Lipless Combo...
Rod- St. Croix Big Cranker (7'8" Moderate):
Reel- Shimano Aldebaran (AMAZING finesse cranking reel):
Line- 12 lb AbrazX Fluorocarbon:

Vixen Combo...
Rod- Daiwa Zillion 7'2" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Daiwa Tatula CT:
Line- Sunline FX2 50 lb:

Budget Friendly Combo that could do all 3...
Rod- Shimano Zodias 7'2" Medium:
Reel- Shimano Curado K 7:1 Ratio:
Line- 30 lb MaxCuatro Braided Line:
Leader- 12 lb Maxima Ultragreen:


Need Apparel?

Here's what we wear...
Tacticalbassin Gear (Hats, Hoodies, Sunshirts): Email for details. 

Sun Mask:
Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
Light Fishing Pants:
Horizon Sweater (Water resistant, great for layering):
Anhydrous Rain Jacket:
Anhydrous Rain Bib:

Smallie 4 pack-1.jpg

Shimano Curado Rod Review | Worth the Money???

Have you seen the new Shimano Curado Rods? We all know about the new Curado K Reel but now there is a rod to match! We got the opportunity to fish them this Summer and really give them a test run. Here are our thoughts...

If you visit Shimano's site they'll teach you about UD Carbon, NanoResins, and quality of cork. That's not the style of review we are interested in. Instead, we're going to give you a quick rundown of the rods, how they fished, and whether or not we'd purchase them again in the future. 

New Shimano Curado Casting Rods:
New Shimano Curado Crankbait Rods:
New Shimano Curado Spinning Rods:

Stand Out Models...
7'2" Heavy- Frogs, Light Flipping
7'5" Heavy - Frogs, Flipping, pitching
7'6" Med/Hvy Moderate- Jigs, Texas Rigs, Light Flip
7'6" Heavy - Heavy Flipping, Frogging, Pitching
7'8" Medium Heavy Crankbait: Crankbaits with size 2 or larger trebles
7'2" Medium Crankbait: Size 6 or larger trebles
7'1" Medium Spinning: All-around Spinning Rod

Shimano Curado K Reel:

High End Rods with Comparable models- Expride Series:
Price Point Rods with Comparable models- Exage Series:

Other rod options with "moderate actions"...
Dobyns Champion 765 Flip:
St. Croix Legend Elite 7'6" Med/Hvy Mod:
St. Croix Legend Tournament 7'2" or 7'6" Moderate:

Line Recommendations for various applications...
Frog and Flip- 65 lb Sufix 832:
All-around fishing Braid- 50 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:
All-around fishing fluoro- 15 lb Sunline Assassin:
Crankbait Braid- 20 lb Sufix 832:
Crankbait fluoro- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:
Leader Material- Maxima Ultragreen (8-30 lb):

Lure on the rod- Strike King 8.0:
Rod Racks on the wall:


Want TacticalBassin Gear? Email for all the details on hats, sunshirts and hoodies. 


Which Topwater Baits Should You Throw? Ft. Eric Cooper

When it comes to topwater walking baits Eric Cooper has got it dialed! He's got different baits, different tricks, and a unique approach to fishing them. Come along as we dig into his topwater box and see some new baits. 

There is something magical about that explosive topwater strike on a still morning that keeps bringing us back for more! Day after day, season after season, the topwater addiction is a sickness all its own. We all know the power of topwater baits but most of us rely on a small handful of baits to find success. 

Eric's approach and varied arsenal has proven incredibly successful. If you've wondered about branching out and trying new baits, this is the video for you. See them in person where you can compare sizes, hear sounds, and listen to how each should be fished in this in-depth comparison. 

The Baits in Coop's Box (In no particular order)...

Lucky Craft Sammy:
Evergreen Shower Blows:
Megabass Giant Dog-X:
Megabass Dog-X Diamante:
Gan Craft S-Caper:
River2Sea Rover:
Lucky Craft Gunfish:
Reaction Innovations Vixen:
Yellow Magic Havana:
River2Sea Whopper Plopper:
Jackall Bowstick:
Jackall Pompadour:
Storm Arashi Top Walker:
Ima Big Stick:
Lobina Rico Suave:

Owner Hook Keepers:
Plano Deep Storage Box:

Upgraded Hooks and Split Rings...
Owner Hyperwire Split Rings (Size 3 or 4):
Owner ST-36 Treble Hooks:
Gamakatsu 1X Treble Hooks:
Split Ring Pliers:

Coop's Preferred Topwater Combo...
Rod-  Megabass Javelin 7'5" Destroyer:
Reel- Zillion SVTW1016SH:
Line- Sunline FX2 50 lb:

Cooper's Budget Topwater Combo...
Rod- Daiwa Zillion 7'2" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Daiwa Tatula CT:
Line- Sunline FX2 50 lb: