10 Gift Ideas for Fisherman Under $100

The 2016 Holiday Buyer's Guide continues! Today we look at 10 gift ideas for Under $100. This is one of the last videos in this year's series but we've had a blast doing these! Thank you for sharing these videos with your loved ones to help simplify their holiday shopping. 

This fishing video is focused on gifts for bass fishermen under $100. We cover gear and accessories that every bass fisherman can use. From nets, to reels, to sunglasses, we came up with a list of items that are sure to suprise the fisherman in your life. 

Below is a list of all the products we discussed in the video. Using the links provided to make your purchases supports Tacticalbassin while simplifying your shopping experience.

Small Swimbait Storage Made Easy

What started off as a joke between friends on facebook turned into Mike Bucca (Owner of the famous Bull Shad Swimbaits) filming an awesome video on swimbait storage. Its such good information we had to share it to the whole Tactical Bassin community!

I will be the first to admit I didn't even know this box existed. It turns out Plano made a box called a FlipSider 3744. Its not available at all the major retailers but a quick google search will turn them up. If you fish slim swimbaits like the bull shad, bull herring s-wavers, or other glides, this is the storage solution you've been waiting for!

Bucca shows how you can store an incredible number of swimbaits in this single box. The baits drop into individual trays, keeping them organized and protected. It also keeps the tails straight and hooks untangled. If you have a collection of swimbaits, do yourself a favor and check out this box!

Isn't it amazing how the little things make all the difference in bass fishing? Tim and I want to thank Mike Bucca for this awesome video and his long standing support of Tactical Bassin! If you guys aren't familiar with his products visit http://www.bullshad.com/

How to Safely Store Swimbaits

Its no secret that swimbaits carry outrageous price tags. Its easy to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars without even filling a tackle box. At those prices you can't afford to let your baits fall apart. Despite the ridiculous way Matt stores his (see "The Truth about Bait Storage") its important to take care of these valuable baits. Leaving them piled up for even a short time can cause the baits to kink and warp, rendering them useless.

Last week we received some questions about the baits hanging on the wall in the background of the video. Tim has developed a great method for storing baits long term that keeps them safe and organized. In this week's video he breaks down how to store glidebaits and other hard swimbaits, as well as softbaits like the Huddleston (Wedge Tail) and Osprey (Boot Tail).

 Baitsmith, Osprey, and Huddleston Swimbaits stored vertically to keep the tails from bending

Baitsmith, Osprey, and Huddleston Swimbaits stored vertically to keep the tails from bending

What you need to complete the project:


-Tool Organizers

-6" Pegboard Pegs

-2/0 Snap Swivels

Follow Tim's step by step instructions to clean up your baits, organize your tackle, and avoid all of the damage that comes from leaving your baits laying unorganized in boxes for extended periods of time. This simple project will only take a few hours to complete but can save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary damage to your favorite baits.

The Truth About Bait Storage

Has anyone else noticed the ongoing debate about how to store swimbaits and other soft plastics without damaging them? Frankly I think its a little ridiculous! So many people seem to get caught up in the details of not getting a kink in a bait or making sure that their swimbait will swim perfectly upright without leaning one degree to the left or right. I’m here to say that at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter! I hope you understand that this video is all in good fun. I thought we’d make light of the topic and in doing so show you just how out of control my tackle occasionally gets! On a more serious note, I will film a more helpful piece on this topic in the near future.