Did you know that Matt Allen is a licensed fishing guide?


When Tactical Bassin got started, Matt was a trophy bass fisherman and tournament angler, but had yet to discover he wanted to guide. He created Tactical Bassin as a place where anglers could learn new techniques, discuss ideas and ask questions in a supportive community. What he didn’t expect was the overwhelming response from anglers who didn’t just want to watch the videos, they wanted to see the techniques in person.

Thanks in part to the members of the Tactical community, Matt began tinkering as a guide and discovered that he had a passion for it.

For some anglers, watching the videos is all they need to grasp the concepts, go out on their home lakes and put fish in the boat. Other anglers prefer a hands-on approach. They now have the opportunity to get out on the water with Matt, learn techniques, ask questions, discuss experiences and catch fish. Fishing with Matt is unlike other guided trips. Sure, the goal is to catch fish (hopefully BIG ones) but Matt’s desire is that every angler step off the boat at the end of the day with an understanding of HOW and WHY they caught fish so they can apply that knowledge to future trips on their home waters.

For Matt, guiding is an extension of  Tactical Bassin’s mission to help anglers everywhere catch more and bigger fish.

If you are interested in coming to California and fishing one of the many incredible fisheries that it offers visit  WWW.BASSINGUIDE.COM