Simple Frog Modifications You Need To Try!

These tricks are EASY and they make a huge difference! Frog fishing doesn't have to be hard! You don't have to miss bites anymore. Start using these tricks today and your hookup ratio is going to go way, way up!

In the past there was a lot of work that had to be done before a frog could even be fished. Today's frogs have come a long way so the steps are much simpler. Below is a list of our favorite frogs for different applications and the components you'll need to make these frog modifications. 

Open Water Frogging... 
River2Sea Bully Wa 2:
Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog:

Slop Frogs...
Spro King Daddy:
Ish's Phat Mat Daddy:

Popping Frogs...
Spittin' Wa:
Jackall Gavacho:

Our Preferred Frog Combo...
Rod #1: Expride 7'3" Extra Heavy:
Rod #2 (More Flex): Zodias 7'5" Extra Heavy:
Rod #3 (Budget Friendly): Dobyns Fury 7'3" Mag Heavy:
Reel: Curado 200K 7:1 Ratio:
Line- 65 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:

The Modifications...

1) Shorten the legs

2) Bend the Hooks up/out

3) Add Trailer Hook:

4) Add Rattles:

5) Add Split Shot:

6) Boil The Frogs

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Frog Pic for matt.jpg

How To Fish A Chatterbait (Beginner Tips AND Advanced Tricks)

The Chatterbait is one of the best bass fishing lures of all time! Its easy to use, even beginners catch bass on them. So why is one guy consistently catching bigger fish on a Chatterbait than everyone else? Are you the guy that's catching them or the guy that's wondering why someone else is?

Matt takes us to the core of the Chatterbait technique in this in-depth seminar-style video on chatterbaits and bladed jigs. From the baits themselves to an underwater look at the Chatterbait trailers, we're going to examine every aspect of chatter bait fishing. 

We don't stop there, we're also going to discuss rods and gear for the technique. Matt examines both the finesse and power fishing approaches to Chatterbait fishing and explains the merits of both. 

The baits...
Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatterbait:
Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait:
Z-Man CUSTOM Chatterbait:
Picasso Shock Blade:
Picasso Undressed Shock Blade:

The Trailers...
Yamamoto Cowboy:
Strike King Rage Trailer:
Yamamoto Zako Swimbait:
Yamamoto Swim Senko:
Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact:

Matt's Braid Setup...
Rod- Zodias 7'2" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Curado 70:
Line- 50 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:
Leader: 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Matt's Fluorocarbon Setup...
Rod- Cashion 7'3" Medium Heavy:
Reel- Bantam MGL 150:
Line- 12 lb Sunline Assassin:

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Which Lure Colors Work Best In Spring?

Craws? Shad? Chartreuse? White? Red? Ever wonder what colors you should be fishing with? Here is what you need to know before Spring is in full swing!

Spring color selection is EASY. The best approach is to keep it simple and focus on key color patterns that work consistently across a variety of conditions. Don't get caught up in the little intricacies of color this early in the season. Focus on categories rather than specifics and you'll find more success. 

Here are Tim's personal favorite Spring baits and his preferred colors...

Roboworm 6" Straight Tail Worm:
Colors... MM3, Prism Shad, Red Crawler, Aaron's Magic

Lucky Craft Staysee 90:
Colors... Ghost Minnow, Chartreuse Shad, American Shad

River2Sea Biggie:
Colors... Cold Blooded, TS Minnow, I Know It

River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait:
Colors... Abalone Shad, I Know It, Iced

Lucky Craft LV-500:
Colors... Spring Craw, Ghost Minnow, Chartreuse Shad, American Shad

JackHammer Chatterbait:
Colors... Clear Water Shad, White, Bhite Delight

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Spring Spinnerbait Fishing Tips and Tricks From Shallow To Deep

Spring is your best shot of the year to catch a GIANT bass on a spinnerbait! Ponds, creeks, lakes, reservoirs, it doesn't matter... bass are moving shallow, they're getting in the cover, and they're susceptible to the flash and movement of a well-placed spinnerbait. 

If you could only own one spinnerbait in one color to have your best shot at catching fish on ANY lake, anywhere in the country, I would choose this one... 
Revenge Deep Runner, Double Nickel Blades, Blue Shad Color, 1/2 oz Size:

As you branch out and adapt to changing conditions you will need more baits in more colors and blade combinations. 1/2 ounce is by far the most universal spinnerbait. If there is ever a doubt, go 1/2 oz. Its heavy enough to pair with any trailer and light enough to still be fished shallow if speed is adjusted. 

If you intend to focus shallow all the time 3/8 is your best size but be prepared to use a 3 1/2 to 4" swimbait trailer instead of a 4-5" swimbait trailer. 
On the other hand if you intend to fish deep (Greater than 15 feet), or in current, or if you intent to burn the bait, 3/4 ounce is the best size for you. The beauty of 3/4 is that it can be burned mid range or slow rolled as deep as 30-40 feet. 

The only other consideration is night fishing. We really didn't talk about night fishing in this video but if you intend to fish primarily at night I recommend a larger hook (Revenge Heavy Duty, see below) and sizes 3/4 or 1 1/4 oz so that you are no struggling to maintain "feel" in the dark. The heavier blade gives great feedback on bottom and will keep you "connected" to your bait, despite not being able to see. 

Here are the baits...

Bluegill Imitating Spinnerbaits...
Revenge Double Willow (Bluegill):
War Eagle Gold (Sun Perch or Watermelon):
Revenge Heavy Duty (Bluegill):

Favorite Chartreuse Spinnerbaits...
River2Sea Bling (Flow and I know It):
Revenge Deep Runner (White Chart w/ Nickel or Chart/White blades):
War Eagle Gold Spinnerbait (White/Lime/Chart):

Favorite White/Silver Spinnerbaits...
River2Sea Bling (Abalone Shad, Powder):
Revenge Deep Runner (Blue Shad, Shad, White):
War Eagle Screamin' Eagle (Aurora, Green Shad, Mouse):

Favorite Gold Spinnerbaits...
Revenge Deep Runner (Golden Shiner):
War Eagle Gold (Golden Shiner):

Night Spinnerbaits...
Revenge Heavy Duty Double Willow (White Chart/Bluegill):
Revenge Double Colorado (Black Widow, White, White/Chart):

Spare Blades...
Revenge Replacement blades:
Recommend stocking sizes 4, 4.5, and 5 in Nickel, Gold, and White. Keep in mind size 5 is the largest so if you do not typically imitate bluegill or fish in extremely stained water, this will be your least used size. 

Spinnerbait Accessories...
Keitech Fat Swing Impact:
3/8 ounce spinnerbaits use 3.8 size, 1/2 ounce use 4.3, and 3/4 ounce or larger use 4.8

Traditional Zoom Split Tail Trailer:
Salad Spoon:
Trailer Hook (3/0 Size):

Budget Combo for spinnerbaits...
Rod- Fury 7' Medium Heavy:
Reel- Shimano Casitas:
Line- 65 lb Sufix 832 Braid:

High-End Combo for Spinnerbaits...
Rod- GLX 843:
Reel- Chronarch MGL:
Line- 65 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

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Spinnerbait Smallie-01.jpeg