Goals for 2011

The new year is fast approaching. To the average angler its a time to remember a few good days, a few bad days, and to wonder what next year will be like. To the studious angler however, this is a time for great reflection.
Whether you are a business man, an employee, a hunter, or a fisherman the importance of goal setting is universal.
If you are serious about your angling the ending of a year is a time for reflection, change, and renewal. Were you happy with the past season? What went right, wrong, good, or bad and what can you do to improve in the future?
A fisherman without goals is just fun fishing. When you set goals and put them on paper they become concrete. You now have something to weigh yourself against and to measure your progress. This is KEY to growing and developing each year.

After watching the video you get a feel for some of my goals. I want this year to be better than last year. Don’t misunderstand, I’m greatful for every fish I have caught. Every two pounder is appreciated and enjoyed just like the 5 pounders and 10 pounders, but my eye stays on the prize. My goals are not finalized, they’ll be modified over the next week. When they are finalized I will respond back here with them in the comments section.
So, what are you goals for 2011? How do you want it to differ from 2010? Post a comment and share. What species do you pursue and what do you want to catch? Is it a specific size, a specific number, or is it just a species you’ve never caught before? Whatever it is, its important to get it in writing. If that writing is in a public place (tacticalbassin) then you are even more apt to be successful. Note, I’m not sharing my goals in order to brag (I haven’t caught the 15 lber in 2011 yet) but by sharing it with you I become accountable and even more likely to succeed.
On that note, let the goal setting begin. I look forward to reading all of your goals and dreams in the coming weeks.