Holiday Buyer's Guide: Best Rain Gear

Tired of getting wet every time it rains? Let us help you choose the best rain gear for your needs with this comparison of a variety of brands. We break down which rain gear is better for different climates and conditions. 

Favorite Rain Gear...

1) Aftco Anydrous Jacket:
     Aftco Anhydrous Bib:

The Anhydrous shines in warmer climates or when layering is an option. We effectively fished in this suit from warm afternoon storms down to rain/snow mix without any issues. Its extremely dry and allows plenty of room for layering with your favorite undergarments. See below for a list of apparel we use for layering. 

2) Gill FG21 Rain Jacket:
    Gill FG25 Insulated Tournament Bibs:

The Gill Suit is extremely warm and well thought out. After several years of intense testing we feel this suit is best suited when the cooler storms roll in. We love this suit when temps dip below 50 degrees and it continues to shine the colder it gets. 

3) Frog Toggs DriDucks Rain Suit:

The Frog Toggs suit is essentially added insurance. At less than 20 bucks, this is the suit we throw in the back compartment and forget about. They're extremely light weight, take virtually no space to store, and will be there in a pinch if you want to keep the majority of the rain off you as you make a mad dash back to the truck. If you're a bank fisherman this is also a great option because it is light and can be stuffed into a backpack easily. 


Does your old rain gear need to be refreshed? Sometimes gear needs to be replaced but a lot of gear can be saved with proper washing and reapplication of waterproofer. We've used these 2 products together to successfully get another season out of fading gear. 

ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner:
ReviveX Waterproofing Soak:

Layering/Base Layers...
UnderArmor Base 2.0 Crew:
Aftco Horizon Sweater Fleece:

With rain comes the need to take care of your tackle. There is nothing worse than getting home, getting dry and forgetting all about the wet boat only to return later to find your tackle completely rusted and ruined! Below is a list of the waterproof boxes we use to keep our gear safe in the rain and a unique product that will help keep the moisture away as well. 

Bass Mafia Bait Coffin:
Bass Mafia Bait Casket:
Plano Waterproof Stowaway Deep:
Plano Waterproof Stowaway:

H2Out Space Dryer:
Star Brite Dehumidified Bucket:

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