How To Set Up a GoPro Camera for Fishing

When action cameras hit the market a few years ago, bass fishing was changed forever. Almost overnight every-day anglers had a tangible way to gain notoriety on the internet. As Tim explains, its become so much more than that. The most significant benefit of filming your day on the water is the ability to review the footage after the fact.  So much can be gleaned from a video that you missed in person. 

We've received a lot of inquiries about what cameras we use and how we attach them to the boat. In this week's video Tim breaks down some of the different GoPro cameras we use including the differences in models and the must-have accessories that make using them on the boat as seamless as possible.

We recommend two different GoPro cameras. For the beginning angler on a budget, you can't beat the Hero camera. At $129 even a budget angler can gain the ability to record their day. For anglers that want to use the footage for promotion, pictures, etc... the Hero 4 Black Edition cannot be beat. They retail for $499 but the footage is second to none. You can shoot in 4K and in frame rates as high as 120/second. Both of our boats are covered from multiple angles by Hero 4 Blacks when we are fishing.

The accessories you need to be comfortable on the water day after day are:

  • LCD BacPac: The BacPac allows you to watch, edit, adjust settings, etc... without the use of an external monitor.
  • Battery PacPac: This pack allows you to extend the life of your camera so you're not stopping to change batteries as often.
  • GoPro Cigarette Lighter: Most bass boats are equipped with cigarette lighters and this will let you charge the camera to keep the batteries full.
  • Battery Packs: Aftermarket battery packs are best sourced on Amazon. Combined with a USB cord you can film for hours, if not days, without charging.
  • Gooseneck Clamp: The Gooseneck allows you to capture all kinds of angles without sticking multiple mounts to the boat.
  • Jaws Flex Clamp: The Jaws Clamp will clip to just about anything. Gone are the days that you have to use the adhesive-backed bases all over the hull of the boat
  • Suction Cup Mount: Stick this mount to anything from the windshield to the motor cowling to get great shots!

We know that not every angler considers filming their day on the water to be a priority but if you're thinking about giving it a try, these are the tools we use every day. They're yet another way that you can fine-tune your angling and become a better fisherman. Good luck out there!