Cross Country Trip Begins With Grand Slam!

We're coming to a lake near you! The TacticalBassin crew is hitting the road so keep an eye out the next time you pump gas, head for the launch ramp, or pull up along side a boat on the freeway. Our first stop as we head cross country is Elephant Butte, New Mexico. The trip started off with a bang as Matt landed an unexpected Grand Slam on this amazing fishery!

The bass in Elephant Butte had to survive terrible conditions in recent years. The lake was drawn down to only 3% of capacity at its worst but is now well on its way to filling back up. The fishing has begun to rebound with many big bass being caught this Spring. Matt, CC, and Sierra chose the lake as their first stop as they travel. across the US to find out if the fishing in New Mexico is as good as they'd heard. They weren't disappointed and you won't be either!

Keep an eye out for the TacticalBassin crew in your area. We'll be traveling all through the South, Midwest, and much of the North. We're making as many stops as possible so you just don't know where we will show up next... but word is that Texas and Oklahoma anglers should keep an eye out first.

Below is a breakdown of the baits and gear Matt and CC used on Elephant Butte.

The baits...

Glide Bait- S-Waver 168 (Light Trout):

Finesse Swimbait- Keitech 4" Easy Shiner (Silver Flash Minnow):

Finesse Swimbait Head (1/8 oz): Revenge Darter Hedz:

CC's Glide Bait Rod...

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 893C JWR:

Reel- Curado HG:

Line- 65 lb Power Pro Maxcuatro:

Leader- 20 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Matt's Finesse Combo...

Rod- Daiwa Aird-X 7' Medium:

Reel- Shimano Sahara 1000:

Line- 15 lb Power Pro:

Leader- 8 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Boat Accessories...

Minn Kota 15' Talons:

Minn Kota Tilt Brackets: Source Locally

Humminbird 360 Imaging:


Banshee Lock:

Bob's Hydraulic Jack Plate:

Slam 3-2.jpg

4 Kinds Of Bass! IGFA Super Grand Slam!

Largemouth, Striper, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass in the same day?! Its a short list of anglers that have ever accomplished this lofty goal but we set off today to do exactly that! Hours of driving, a lot of adapting, and a couple of headaches later, we did it!!

Having a Grand Slam recognized by the IGFA is a huge honor. Having a Super Grand Slam is just incredible! If you've ever thought of pursuing a Slam, you should follow through! Get the info on IGFA Slams here:

Below is a list of the gear we used to accomplish the slam:

Tim's Catches...

Striper- Evergreen Shower Blows 125:

Largemouth- Lucky Craft 1.5 Squarebill:

Smallmouth- Bandit 200:

Spotted Bass- Bandit 200:

Matt's Catches...

Striper- S Waver 200:

Largemouth- 6th Sense Crush 50:

Smallmouth- Norman Deep Baby N:

Spotted Bass- Norman Deep Baby N:

Tim's Striper Combo...

Rod- Dobyns Fury 795:

Reel- Shimano Tranx 300:

Line- 65 lb Power Pro:

Bass Combo...

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 845 CBR:

Reel- Aldebaran MGL 50:

Line- 12 lb Assassin Fluorocarbon:


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Matt Stripe.jpg