How To Interpret Side Imaging Sonar

Do you know how to read side imaging? Do you know what its for or how to use it to catch more fish? Understanding side imaging takes some getting used to so today Tim is going to explain the basic functions, show examples of fish, and even talking about how to tune it for your situation.

Most moderately priced units today include side imaging as an option. Its a great tool, saving you valuable time on the water if you know how to use it to your advantage. Its great for locating structure, hazards, schools of fish, and more.

The unit we use is the Humminbird Solix 15. We chose this unit because of its unbelievably clear picture and incredible detail. The first day we used it we were locating sunken boats, rock piles, and other structure in places we fish every day but had never been able to see those objects before.

The Solix is the best of the best for side imaging but there are some other great units on the market as well. Below we will link the unit we're using along with the items needed to link the front and back unit together for waypoint sharing, as well as several other great imaging units at different prices.

Our Equipment...

(2) Humminbird Solix 15 Chirp/Mega/SI/GPS:

Humminbird Waterproof Ethernet Switch Port:

Ethernet Cable (2) 20 ft:

Smaller or more budget friendly units...

Humminbird Helix 7 G2:

Humminbird Helix 5 G2 (Awesome unit for the price):

Lowrance Hook 2 9 series:

Garmin Echo Map 73SV US LakeVu HD:

Our favorite Equipment For Mounting these units...

BalzOut Mount:

Kong Electronics Mount:

Kong Wave Tamer Mount:


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