Swimbait Rigging: The Truth

This video is going to completely change how you approach stinger hooks! Have you ever heard of a haywire twist? If not you're completely missing the boat and its time to listen to this "tell all" on swimbaits! Swimbait rigging doesn't have to be difficult so forget everything you think you know and come along for the ride. 

In the interest of being fair, Matt explains the advantages and disadvantages of Crimps, 7 strand, braid, mono, etc before blowing them all away with the use of single strand wire. Neither Matt nor Tim has been able to figure out why the industry is virtually silent about single strand wire and the haywire twist. 

Unless you're a saltwater angler we'd be willing to bet "haywire twist" is a new phrase to you. Ironically we shot a video on this very subject more than 5 years ago and despite getting 25,000+ views, its still a virtual secret. Today is the day we set the record straight and explain what we believe to be the hands down, best method for rigging stinger hooks on swimbaits. 

Products Shown In This Video:

Stinger Materials:
7 Strand Wire
Heavy Monofilament: Amazon
80-100 lb Braid
Single Strand Wire: Amazon 

Matt's Preferred Big Baits Equipment:
Rod- G Loomis 957
Rod- Dobyns 807
Reel- Calcutta 400B
Line- 80 lb Braided