Shimano Bantam MGL Casting Reel Review

Is It Worth The Money? What sets this reel apart from the rest? Tim explores the technology in the all-new Shimano Bantam MGL and puts it to the test. 

This reel lands between the Metanium MGL and Chronarch MGL on price with a retail price of $349.99 At that price there better be some serious technology to back it up. Shimano did not disappoint! This is the first low-profile bait caster to incorporate a solid frame construction. Why should that matter to you? The sensitivity is absolutely unmatched. You literally feel more bites through the reel than you will with a traditional reel. It also has micro module gearing, infinite braking, X-Ship, Hagane, and a variety of other proprietary technologies. 

When will it be available? Some gear ratios are available now, the rest are available for pre-order and will be shipping in a few weeks. 

Bantam MGL Reel:

Tim paired it with... 
Expride 6'10" Medium:
Sunline Sniper 12 lb Fluorocarbon:
Flash Pointer 115 Jerkbait:

Is $349 out of your budget? No worries! Here are some of our other favorite reels at different price points from lowest to highest...

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$99- Casitas 150:
$179- Curado 200K:
$279- Chronarch MGL:
$419- Metanium MGL:


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