Bass Boat Restoration Complete: Full build with rigging, Rewire, Repower, and Electronics Tour!

The used boat restoration is complete! After nearly 2 years of upgrading wiring, parts, electronics, and motors, both of the Champion 210 Elite bass boat restoration projects are done! Come along for a full boat tour of Tim's and Matt's finished projects as they show you what is possible if you decide to buy a used boat instead of a new boat.

The project began nearly 2 years ago when Tim decided he wanted a larger boat. Shortly thereafter Matt's boat was lost in a crash and he too was searching for a new option. Each chose a used boat instead of jumping into the new boat market. With the high cost of new bass boats the duo looked toward one of the greatest rough water hulls of all time, the Champion 210 Elite. The boats were discontinued around 2008 but the anglers realized that if they could find a pair of boats in great shape that the money they'd saved would allow them to build two truly incredible fishing machines, complete with every part and component they'd ever wanted.

The boat Tim located was in near factory condition. Matt's was beautiful outside but needed a bit more work inside. Both boats were about to get a makeover that would make them near unrecognizable to the previous owners! The anglers started from the ground up and filled both boats with state of the art equipment from the money they had saved on the purchase price. Since these projects were done at the same time the anglers researched together and built two virtually identical boats with the best components they could find. Undertaking a project off this size is a commitment but is worth the effort and saves a lot of money over buying new boats. In case this is something you're considering doing or you liked one of the items we installed on our boats, here is the list of upgraded equipment on the boats.

At The Bow...

Trolling Motor- Ultrex 112 MEGA DI I-Pilot:

Trolling Motor Sleeve- Troll Jacket:

Electronics- Humminbird Solix 15 CHIRP G2:

Electronics Mount- T-H Marine Wave Tamer:

Electronics- Hydrowave H2 KVD Feeding Stimulator:

Electronics- Humminbird 360 Imaging:

Security- Loc-R-Bar:

Talon Wireless Foot Switch:

At The Console...

Hot Foot Throttle:

Main Unit- Humminbird Solix 15 G2:

Side Unit- Humminbird Solix 12 G2:

Main Mount- Bass Boat Technologies: Direct From Manufacturer

Side Mount- BalzOut Mount w/ 6" arm:

At The Stern...

Anchors- Talon 15' Shallow Water Anchors:

Jack Plate- Atlas Hydraulic 12":

Remote Drain Plug System:

Battery Charger- Minn Kota Precision:

Additional Equipment…

Battery- Odyssey PC 2150M

Power Switch- Perko Battery Disconnect

Motor- 2018 Yamaha VMAX SHO 250

Boat web.jpg

Is Your Bass Boat Actually Covered? Insurance Issues You Need To Know Before Its Too Late!

No one likes talking about insurance but are you sure you're covered during a tournament? Does being on a "pro staff" put your tow vehicle in jeopardy? Is all of your tackle covered if you have a major incident? These don't need to be grey areas, you deserve to know exactly when you are and are not covered. Today we're posing all the tough questions to Ben Green, a marine insurance specialist, so that we can all be more prepared in case we're involved in a crash.

Just a few days after Matt's accident the insurance issues were beginning to unfold and Matt vowed that when it was over he would do a video to help the entire TacticalBassin family better understand potential issues and how to avoid them. He is by no means an insurance expert but he learned some tough lessons and doesn't want you to experience the same. When we found out Ben Green was in town (an actual expert on the subject) for a big tournament on Clearlake, we knew we had to track him down and get real answers to educate the Tactical Family.

Ben was kind enough to take part of his pre-fishing day to answer our questions. This video isn't about getting you a new insurance guy (though we are including Ben’s information here and below because we trust him and appreciate that he took the time to do this for all of us) its about making sure you know the exact questions to ask your insurance agent. Too many anglers have "grey areas" in their policy and that shouldn't be the case. Take the time to watch this video to the end, understand the questions, and get yourself coverage that is going to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Matt thought he had all the coverage he needed, in fact he was confident that he'd "over-insured" himself, but there were still gaps and a lot of issues developed as a result. Don't wait until it happens to you to find out where the gaps might be. Take a few minutes out of your day and ask your agent the right questions. If you're not comfortable with the answers, there are only 3 (to my knowledge) marine specialists in the country. If you'd like to reach out to Ben we're including the link to his website and facebook page below.

Ben Green Insurance Website:

Been Green Insurance Facebook Page:


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How To Buy A Used Boat

Boat buying doesn't have to be a gamble! With these quick tips you'll know exactly what to look for the next time you're shopping for a used boat. From motor issues to water leaks, transom cracks to hidden damage, we cover all the issues that might arise.

The two most important factors when shopping for a used boat are the compression numbers on the motor and the experience you have while test driving. There are a lot of other factors that we'll cover in this video but those are the two keys that you never want to skip. There are a lot of flaws that a seller can hide but if you get the diagnostic report and drive the boat virtually all of the hidden concerns will make themselves known.

Matt intends to fully restore this boat in the coming months, very similarly to Tim's Champion 210. By purchasing on the used market, both anglers were able to put additional funds toward updating and restoring the boats. Below is the extended list of components that will be added to the boat in the coming months.


Graphs- Humminbird Solix 15's:

Trolling Motor- Minn Kota Ultrex 112:

Battery Charger- Minn Kota Digital 4 bank:

Anchors- Talon 12' Shallow Water Anchors:

Imaging- Humminbird 360 Imaging:

Batteries- (4) Odyssey 31M PC2150: Source Online

Stimulator- Hydrowave Feeding Stimulator:

Mounts and Accessories...

Front Graph Mount- Kong Wave Tamer:

Console Graph Mount- KVD Kong Electronics Mount:

Hot Foot Adjustable Slide:

Jack Plate- Atlas Hydraulic:


Keel Guard- Megaware 8 foot:


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boat pic for website copy.jpg

Matt Buys A New Boat!

Watch LIVE as Matt buys a bass boat. After 2 months of searching Matt found the EXACT Champion 210 bass boat he was looking for but it was half way across the country. This is what its like to make a major purchase across state lines. 

Our good friend Coop drove over from Arkansas and put the boat through the ringer. He inspected it, did the test drive, talked extensively with the seller, before handing over payment on Matt's behalf. Buying across state lines isn't complicated but you have to know the right steps to keep yourself as protected as possible. 

Its a 2008 Champion 210 Elite in phenomenal shape, and completely stock. Below is a list of upgrades Matt intends to make to the boat. We'll do some very extensive videos in the near future showing Matt inspecting the boat for himself, as well as upgrading the components in the boat to make it reliable and travel ready. 

Matt will be upgrading to the following...

Hot Foot Throttle:
Ultrex 112 Trolling Motor:
Solix 15 Electronics front and back:
Talon 15' Shallow Water Anchors:
Hydrowave Feeding Stimulator:

This is just the beginning of the upgrades. When working with an older hull, you're able to pour more of the budget into dialing in the boat exactly how you'd like it. This is one of the benefits to be weighed while deciding between purchasing a new or used boat. We'll also be making upgrades to the trailer, wiring, charging system, and more so be sure to follow along. 

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