Behind the Scenes of River2Sea

If you've ever had an explosive bite on a Whopper Plopper or a giant bass track down an S-Waver Swimbait, you've thrown a bait that passed through these doors. Most anglers don't realize River2Sea is a local company, located in Richmond, California. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the River2Sea offices and thought we'd bring you along.

Angelo Alorro, the National Sales Manager, gave us a brief tour. We learned they've been around for 16 years and have developed a handful of bass fishing lures that have shaped the market and changed the way we view bass behavior. Simon Chan is the primary lure designer and his breakthroughs can be seen throughout his own products as well as across the industry. 

Tim and I never realized just how many River2Sea products we use. There are those we talk about regularly but there are a bunch that we fish without ever saying a word. Below is a list of the baits we use that you should take a look at...

-Whopper Plopper
-S-Waver Swimbait (168 and 200)
-Biggie Squarebill Crankbait
-Rover Walking Topwater
-Bubble Walker (Both Sizes)
-Bully Wa 2 Frog
-Spittin Wa Frog
-Bling Spinnerbait