Cheap Vs. Expensive - Best Fishing Rods

Before you buy new fishing rods check out this video! What are you really getting for your money? Are all of these different rods worth it or are some a better value? Matt explains his 4 favorite rod lines (from cheap to expensive) and what sets each one apart. 

When choosing the best rod lines to invest your money Matt used the follow criteria... How sensitive are the rods? How consistent is the entire line? Do they make enough models to cover the average angler's needs? Is this the best all-around rod in its class? 

Dobyns Colt Series:

The Colt is a great line of rods in the $80 price range. They cover all of your basic techniques with fairly slow actions that will help you land fish. Quality is excellent for the price and best of all, they seem to be consistent. 

Standout Models...
7' Medium spinning- All around finesse
7' Medium Heavy Crankbait - lipless and deep cranks
7' Heavy- jigs, Texas rigs, small swimbaits

Dobyns Fury Series:

The Fury line covers everything from finesse to giant swimbaits. Its a true "do everything" line of rods and you can do if for $120 a piece. These are fantastic rods for the price which some great models to choose from. 

StandOut Models...
-7' Medium Spinning - Finesse Fishing
-7' Medium heavy - all around
-7'3" Extra Heavy - Frogging
-8' Heavy- Big Swimbaits and Glidebaits

Shimano Expride:

The Expride is currently our favorite rod line on the market. They're incredibly light and sensitive and perform along side rods that cost nearly twice their price. At $279, these rods are amazing!

Standout Models...
-7' Light + Spinning- Dropshot, Ned Rig, Tubes
-7'2" Medium Heavy- All Around topwater, Texas rigs, reaction
-7'3" Extra Heavy- Frog fishing
-7'11" Extra Heavy- Best Flipping Stick On The Market (at any price)

G Loomis NRX:

The NRX is the industry standard for sensitivity and ultra light performance. These rods are second to none and offer a variety of amazing models. If you're looking for high-end performance that you can rely on year after year, the NRX is for you!

Stand Out Models...
- 802S JWR: Light Dropshot and Ned Rig
- 852C JWR: Shaky Head, small keitech, worms, finesse
-853C JWR: Light Jigs, Texas Rigs
-894C JWR: Heavy Jigs, Texas Rigs, Jig Head Swimbaits, big spinnerbaits

Matching Reels...
-Casitas 150:
-Curado 200K:
-Chronarch MGL:
-Metanium MGL:

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Buyer's Guide: Best Rod/Reel Combos Under $300

Looking for a new Rod and Reel combo? Here are our top picks for great combos that won't break the bank as we continue the 2017 Holiday Buyer's Guide.

There are so many awesome combos in this price range that it was hard to narrow down but we did it, you'll find the list below...

Baitcasting Rods...
Megabass Levante ($199):
Dobyns Fury ($109):
Shimano Zodias ($199):   
Shimano Curado ($159):

Baitcasting Reels...
Casitas 150 ($99):
Curado 70 ($199):
Citica I ($149):
Curado 200K ($179):
Orra Winch ($70):

Spinning Rods...
Megabass Levante ($199):
Dobyns Fury ($109):
Shimano Curado ($159):
Shimano Zodias ($199):

Spinning Reels...
Shimano Nasci 2500 ($100):
Shimano Ultegra 2500 ($150):
Daiwa Fuego LT 2500 ($100):
Daiwa Tatula LT 2500 ($190):

Rod Recommendations by Technique...

Frog/Flip: Dobyns 7'3" Mag Heavy, Shimano 7'5" Heavy, Megabass 7'9" Flipping Special
All-Around Rod: Megabass Extreme Mission Type F, Shimano 7'2" Medium heavy, Dobyns 7'3" Med/Hvy
Crankbait Rod: Shimano 7'6" Moderate, Dobyns 7' Med/Hvy Crank, Megabass Flat Side Special
Dropshot/Ned/Tube Rod: Shimano 7' Med/Light, Megabass Stinger Shot, Dobyns 7' Medium

Preferred Line Choices...
Braided- MaxCuatro:
Braided- Sufix 832:
Fluoro- Sunline Asassin:
Fluro- Seguar AbrazX:
Mono- Maxima Ultragreen:

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Upcoming Buyer's Guides...

Nov 24 (Black Friday)- High End Combos
Nov 27 (Cyber Monday)- Topwater Fishing

Much more to come! Let us know what you want to see and we'll do our best to adapt this Holiday Buyer's Guide Series to your needs.

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Top 5 Rods for Kayaks and Other Small Crafts

Kayaks, float tubes, and other small boats present a unique set of challenges for bass fisherman. Unlike the larger bass boats, small crafts require unique gear to fish effectively. From length restrictions to dialing in the actions to account for instability, there are a lot of aspects to consider when purchasing equipment.

Below we break down the top 5 rods that we recommend for an angler that is seriously considering fishing from a tube, kayak, jon boat, etc. These are rods that work for a variety of techniques and won't break the bank. 

With these 5 rods you should be able to throw a dropshot, a frog, and everything in between. 

Rod/Reel Combos...

Spinning Rod - Zodias 7' Medium Light:

Spinning Reel – Shimano Nasci :


Spinning Rod- Dobyns 7' Medium Fury:

Spinning Reel- Shimano Nasci:


Casting Rod- Zodias 7' 2” Medium:

Casting Reel- Shimano Casitas 150:


Casting Rod- Dobyns 7' Medium Heavy Fury:

Casting Reel- Shimano Citica:


Casting Rod- G Loomis E6X 7'1” Heavy:

Casting Reel- Shimano Curado 70:

TacticalBassin's Crankbait Fishing Buyers Guide

Crankbait fishing for bass can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You can do everything with one crankbait rod and catch a lot of fish or you can fine tune it into a variety of baits, rods, etc... and take it to another level.  In this fishing video we break down the gear and the baits that will let you push your bass fishing to new heights.

The Holiday Buyer's guide has already been a huge success! You requested a video on crankbait gear and we're delivering. If you have other interests please let us know and we'll continue the series. The series is for fisherman but its also for your loved ones to easily find the products you're looking for. Below you'll find a list of the products mentioned in the video. Using the links provided to make your purchases supports Tacticalbassin while simplifying your shopping. 

Lipless Crankbaits...
Lucky Craft LV-500
Strike King Red Eye Shad 2-tap

Squarebill Crankbaits...
Lucky Craft RTO (on sale)
Lucky Craft BDS Series
River2Sea Biggie

Mid-depth Crankbaits...
Norman Deep Little N
6th Sense 300

Deep Diving Crankbaits...
Norman DD22
Strike King 10XD
Strike King 8XD

Crankbait Rod/Reel Combos...

Rod- Dobyns 805CB
Reel- Abu Garcia Orra Winch

Rod-Shimano 7'6" Glass
Reel- Shimano Antares