The Story of Matt's 17 Lber!

Ever wonder what it would be like to catch a 17 lb bass? You sure didn't dream it would go like this! Matt's 17 lber had every opportunity to escape but somehow, against all odds she found her way to the net!

Matt takes you back to 2005 on little Rancho Seco Lake in Northern California. He had spent years trying to learn how to catch bass on a swimbait unsuccessfully but this day would be different! Bolstered by twin 11 lbers the week before, Matt returned to the lake with a renewed confidence.

In the midst of everything going wrong, the fish of a lifetime finally bit! Everything that could go wrong went wrong, but somehow it worked out in the end. The fish weighed as heavy as 17.8 lbs but Matt was comfortable with the consistent weight of 17.2 lbs. 

What makes this fish so special (aside from the obvious) is that she became the impetus for Tacticalbassin. She permanently changed the course of Matt's life, ultimately bringing us here. If you'd like to read the article on Bassmaster click here

The gear Matt SHOULD have been using...

Huddleston Deluxe 8" Rainbow Trout

Rod #1-956
Rod #2- 807

Reel #1 (Round Option)
Reel #2 (Low Profile Option)

Line- 65 or 80 lb Braided Sufix 832

Leader- 30 lb Maxima