How to Trailer Your Boat When Fishing Solo

A few months back we did a video on launching your boat by yourself. It was met with such great feedback that we decided to follow it up with a 2nd video showing how easy it can be to put your boat back on the trailer without help.

There are some great products out there today to make your life easier when trailering the boat alone. The most useful is an aftermarket step like the EZ-Troll Tongue Step. In this video we show how to do it without a device like this but if you wanted added safety, a step is the sure way to go.

We hope this gives you some confidence to go out and hit the water alone this year! Don't let a friend who has to work or who sleeps through the alarm clock mess up your next day on the water. Good luck out there!

Launching a Boat By Yourself

Like many fishing guides around the country I spend most of my mornings pulling up to an empty parking lot and launching my boat without any help, long before the sun rises. Without any other anglers around or bright lighting to help, its important I get it right the first time.

I regularly bump into other anglers struggling to get their boats in and out of the water without the help of a partner. This sparked an idea for Tim and I to show you exactly what it looks like to launch the boat alone. Its really a simple process and with a little practice can become second nature. Having no partner shouldn't keep you from going to the lake and having a great time!

The next time you're at an empty launch ramp take a few minutes to practice launching solo. Before long you'll be catching fish whether your partner is available or not. Good luck out there!

Note: For those of you launching solo in areas without docks or improved ramps, check out the Z-Launch system to simplify the process.