Buyer's Guide: Best Rod/Reel Combos Under $200

Looking for the best gear this Holiday season? We've got 5 rods and 5 reels that you need to take a look at. They're light, sensitive, and best of all they won't break the bank! Whether you're a new fisherman or just looking for a deal, we've got you covered!

In the past we've struggled to locate any rods below the $100 mark that we felt were worth a mention. That mark seems to be the cut off for purchasing quality equipment but we searched high and low and found 2 options that are worth trying. Additionally

Below is a break down of the 5 lines of rods and 5 models of reels we recommend trying. For your convenience we've including some of our favorite models from each line of rods. The Black Friday sale begins today at 8 AM Pacific time so be sure to check them out! If you were hoping for high end tackle for Black Friday keep in mind the sale will run Friday through Tuesday so be patient, high end content is coming!

The Rods...

-Dobyns Colt:

Favorite models include 7' MH, 7' MH Cranking, 7'3" Heavy

-13 Fishing Defy Black:

Favorite Models Include 7'1" Medium, 7'1' Medium Heavy, 7'6" Medium Heavy

-Dobyns Fury Casting Rods:

Favorite Models Include 7' Med/Heavy, 7' Heavy, 7'3" Mag Heavy, 7'6" med Heavy.

-Shimano SLX Casting Rods:

Favorite Models Include 6'10 Medium, 7'2" Medium, 7'2" Medium Heavy, 7'2" Heavy, 7'5" Heavy

-Shimano SLX Spinning Rods:

Favorite Models Include 6'9" Medium, 7' Medium Light, 7' Medium

-St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods:

Favorite Models Include 7'1" medium, 7'2" Medium Heavy, 7'4" Heavy

-Dobyns Fury Spinning Rods:

Favorite Models Include 7' Medium Light, 7' Medium

The Reels...

Daiwa CR 80 Casting Reel:

13 Fishing Origin TX Casting Reel:

Shimano SLX Casting Reel:

Shimano NASCI Spinning Reel:

Daiwa Fuego LT Spinning Reel:


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Cheap Fishing Lures That Actually Work!

Want to catch more fish? These baits ACTUALLY WORK! These are our favorite budget baits for consistently catching bass. You don't have to spend a fortune to catch fish. These 7 baits and one cheap fishing rod and reel combo are proven producers that are worth your time. 

Anglers often get caught up in the hype of baits that "catch fishermen". You can spend a fortune on bass fishing tackle but you don't have to. That said, there is definitely a place for high-dollar baits but if you're a budget-minded angler, this video is for you! 

The baits...
Zorro Baits Head Knocker Buzzbait:
Cotton Cordell Super Spot Crankbait:
Yamamoto Double Tail Hula Grub:
Storm Bluegill Swimbait:
Zoom Super Fluke (Albino or Smokin Shad):
Zoom Baby Brush Hog (Green Pumpkin):
Zoom Swamp Crawler Worm:

Rod and Reel Combo...
Rod- Dobyns Colt Rods (Try the 7' Med/heavy or 7' Med/ heavy Crankbait):
Reel- Shimano Caenan Reel:
Line- Power Pro 50 lb Braid:

Bait Rigging... 
Shakey Head-
4/0 Superline EWG Hook:
4/0 Regular Wire EWG Hook:
Yamamoto 1/2 oz Football Jig Head:

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