Underwater Bass Strikes!!! Jigs and Swimbaits - Crazy Footage!!!

Up Close, Slow Motion, Largemouth bass smashing jigs and swimbaits! Ever wondered what is really happening when you feel the "tick" of a bass biting your lure? You're about to find out and we're including the above water catch footage too! 

We know how much you love Underwater Bass Fishing footage and seeing the real-time catch above water takes it to a whole other level! 

There is so much to be learned watching fish with an underwater camera. You can see their behavior, mannerisms, and triggers. 

The Gear...

Dirty Jigs 1/2 oz Football Jig ( Molting Craw): http://bit.ly/2d6bTBI
Yamamoto 5" Double Tail Grub Trailer: http://bit.ly/2db9w1p
Keitech Fat Swing Impact 6.8" (Light Hitch): http://bit.ly/2ab7s8v
Owner 10/0 Beast Hook: http://bit.ly/2ancP66

GoPro Hero 5 Camera: http://bit.ly/2iwZqqU
Green Water Dive Filter: http://bit.ly/2lqsczo
Super Suit Hero 5 Dive Housing: http://bit.ly/2kyPQbn

Matt's Jig Combo...
Rod- Shimano Zodias 7'5" Heavy: http://bit.ly/2cgmMAe
Reel- Casitas 150: http://bit.ly/2geKxsp
Line- 65 lb Sufix 832: http://bit.ly/2ae93Ji
Leader- 18 lb Maxima Ultragreen: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Matt's Swimbait Combo...
Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 966: http://bit.ly/2x9kxuS
Reel- Shimano Tranx 300 AHG (Power Handle): http://bit.ly/2kYsvRw
Line- 80 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ
Leader- 30 lb Maxima Ultragreen: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

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Jig Underwater-01.jpeg

Swimbaits Catch BIG Bass!!

Fall is prime time for Swimbaits! Here is a compilation of our favorite swimbait catches from the last few years. From 12" Softbaits to big glidebaits we load the boat with BIG BASS. Enjoy the catches and pay close attention to the retrieves and "triggers" that cause the bites. 

The Baits...
S-Waver Glidebait (Light Trout and Rainbow Trout): http://bit.ly/2aiu8Sh
12" Osprey Swimbait (Light Hitch): http://bit.ly/2laKeWD
8" Huddleston Deluxe Swimbait (Rainbow and Holdover): http://bit.ly/2azFTon

Softbaits- Dobyns 807 Mag: http://bit.ly/2aivwYX
Hardbaits- Dobyns 806: http://bit.ly/2aivwYX

Calcutta 400B: http://bit.ly/2b6NX0d
Calcutta Conquest 300: http://bit.ly/2kheVEq

Maxima Ultragreen 30 lb: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9
Power Pro MaxCuatro 80 lb: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ
Sufix 832 80 lb: http://bit.ly/2ae93Ji

Budget Swimbait Combo...
Rod- Dobyns Fury 806: http://bit.ly/2bGvlVV
Reel- Shimano Cardiff 400: http://bit.ly/2cvhtMO
Line- 65 lb Power Pro: http://bit.ly/2aFg46b
Leader- 30 lb Maxima Ultragreen: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Related Videos...
Connection Knots: https://youtu.be/XKn9Pgl1sYI
Huddleston Retrieves: https://youtu.be/dxbavCHWuII
Glidebait Retrieves: https://youtu.be/chWKgWyUOUE
Everything You Need To Know About Swimbaits: https://youtu.be/e0oXnvSosHE

Swimbait Storage Options...
Bass Mafia Deep Box: http://bit.ly/2gGGxpa
Plano Deep Box: http://bit.ly/2xjccls
Eye Surrender Bait Wrap: http://bit.ly/2idps7n

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