4 Easy Lipless Crankbait Tips For Fall Bass Fishing!

Lipless crankbaits for Fall Bass?! Yes! These Tips will make it so easy that anyone can fish a lipless crankbait with confidence. Crankbait fishing doesn't have to be complicated and Matt makes it incredibly simple by breaking down 3 baits and 4 colors that will work anywhere in the country. (And then he proves it with fish catches from 5 different states!)

Lipless crankbaits are known for their effectiveness in Spring but they're equally effective in Fall. Understanding what attributes make different baits work takes all the guess work out of your fishing. In today's video Matt breaks down three baits (Jackall TN-70, 6th Sense Quake, and Lucky Craft LV-500) and shows how they can be used to cover the entire water column from coast to coast.

After explaining the baits, Matt shows how changing hooks can completely change your fishing experience, then he shows how important proper rod action is when fishing lipless crankbaits. He wraps up with some final tips on blade bait fishing in Late Fall and Early Winter. Below is a breakdown of the baits and equipment Matt discussed in the video.

The Baits...

-Lucky Craft LV-500: http://bit.ly/2aAUUbd

-Jackall TN-70: http://bit.ly/2lqAwjh

-6th Sense Quake 80: http://bit.ly/2Kxt4zm

-Jackall Keeburn Blade: http://bit.ly/2or8sy0

-Damiki Vault Blade: http://bit.ly/2rnO7e2

4 colors- Reflective, Ghost, Bold, Craw

Lucky Craft Colors: Golden Shiner, Chartreuse Shad, Aurora Craw, Clear Water Shad

Jackall Colors: HL Aurora Black, Ghost Minnow, SS Shad, RT Escape Craw

6th Sense Colors: Shad Hammer, Rayburn Ghost, 4K Shad, Delta Craw

Hook Upgrades...

Bladed Hook- VMC Bladed Hybrid (Size 4 or 2): http://bit.ly/2oqWODi

Red- Gamakatsu EWG Treble (Size 4): http://bit.ly/2dmxXK8

Light Wire- Gamakatsu EWG Bronze (Size 4): http://bit.ly/2cZrsbY

Heavy Wire- Owner 3X ST-56 Treble (Size 4): http://bit.ly/2cVg7xW

Split Rings- Owner Hyperwire (Size 3): http://bit.ly/2v8ArBX

Matt's Favorite Lipless Combo...

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 845 CBR: http://bit.ly/2og0BmK

Reel- Shimano Chronarch MGL HG: http://bit.ly/2n8DghB

Line- 40 lb Power Pro Maxcuatro: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ

Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Budget-Friendly Lipless Combo...

Rod- G Loomis E6X 845 CBR: http://bit.ly/2G5Bc86

Reel- Shimano Curado 200 K HG: http://bit.ly/2tHewEh

Line- Sunline Assassin Fluorocarbon 15 lb: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm

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3 Crankbait Tricks Every Bass Fisherman Needs To Know Before Fall

Fall crankbait fishing is so much fun! You can catch so many fish and it takes very little effort. Whether you fish once in a while or every day, these quick tips will help you catch way more fish this Fall!

In today's video Matt shows the baits he has the most confidence in between the Summer and Fall. He explains how the different actions trigger fish differently and when to use each style. He goes on to cover specific colors, hook modifications, likely locations, and finally ends with gear recommendations.

If you've ever thrown a deep diving crankbait you know just how much fun it can be! You also know the heartbreak that comes with losing a giant bass as it spits out your crank. Apply Matt's tips this Fall to successfully land more of the big bass that eat your bait.

Below is a breakdown of the baits, colors, and equipment that the guys use for this style of fishing.


-Strike King 10XD: http://bit.ly/2gHT4F0

(Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Sexy Shad, Delta Red)

-Strike King 6XD: http://bit.ly/2ery44M

(Delta Red, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Sexy Shad)

-Azuma Z Boss 22 and 24: http://bit.ly/2poLKUC

(Grand Shad, Blazing Boss)

-6th Sense Cloud 9 C20 and C25: http://bit.ly/2BQ4uDs

(Shad Fantasy, Wild Shad)

-Berkley Dredger 25.5: http://bit.ly/2I8xOcA

(Boiled Craw, Rusty Shad, Irish Gold)

-Norman DD22: http://bit.ly/2LKB37w

(Chili Bowl, Psycho Shad, Chartreuse Shad)

-Megabass Deep Six: http://bit.ly/2A3clKP

(Fire Craw, Shadow Craw, MB Gizzard, Ito Wakasagi)

Hook and Split Ring Upgrades...

-Gamakatsu EWG Treble Bronze: http://bit.ly/2cZrsbY

-Gamakatsu EWG Treble Red: http://bit.ly/2dmxXK8

-Owner ST-56 3X Treble: http://bit.ly/2cVg7xW

-Owner ST-36 Treble Red: http://bit.ly/2cWpeyw

-Owner Hyperwire Split Rings (Size 3-5): http://bit.ly/2v8ArBX


-Plano Waterproof Deep 3700: http://bit.ly/2xjccls

Preferred Rod Combo...

Rod- G Loomis 906 Crankbait: http://bit.ly/2og0BmK

Reel- Shimano Bantam MGL HG: http://bit.ly/2H44yjG

Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 20 lb: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ

Leader- Maxima Ultragreen 15 lb: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Additional Rods...

-Dobyns Champion 805 CB: http://bit.ly/29OVD4V

-Shimano Curado 7'8" MH: http://bit.ly/2zCjAtd

-Shimano Zodias 7'6" MH Glass: http://bit.ly/2cgmMAe

Additional Reels...

Mid-Range- Curado DC 150 HG: http://bit.ly/2yHtsp4

Budget- SLX DC 150 HG: http://bit.ly/2LWzw2Q

Additional Line...

High End- Sunline Xplasma Asegai 30 lb: http://bit.ly/2OR5i2j

Mid Range- Power Pro Maxcuatro 20-30 lb: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ

Budget- Power Pro Braided Line 20 lb: http://bit.ly/2aFg46b

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Where Do Bass Go During The Fall Transition? (And How To Catch Them)

Fall is fast approaching and the bass are already on the move. If your fish are starting to disappear and you don't know why, we're here to help! As the nights get cooler the bass fishing changes over night, stumping many anglers. The offshore fish begin to gather and the shallow fish abandon their Summer cover in search of new spots. If you're not ready for what comes next it can leave you scratching your head.

The Fall Transition comes much earlier than most anglers realize. Its not a slow progression, the bass will begin their movements overnight. One day you're on an awesome topwater bite, the next you can't find a fish. When this happens its time to step back and look at what is motivating these fish to move. Whether you're targeting shallow bass or deep, the bass' next movement is motivated by the baitfish's location. As the bait begins to gather, so will the bass.

If your fish are out deep, expect them to begin gathering on the best structures. Expect to find them on corners of ledges with deep water access, long tapering points that break to deep water, and later you can expect them to transition toward the backs of deep coves. Shallow fish will abandon the scattered weeds in favor of thick weed clumps and hard structures. As the seasons progress these fish will begin bunching up along ambush points and pockets.

Below is a breakdown of the gear we recommend using during these conditions. We've separated it into shallow and deep approaches depending on which group of fish you're pursuing.

Shallow Flipping components...

Stopper- 6th Sense Peg X: http://bit.ly/2bHjowk

Weight- Vader Tungsten 1.5 oz: http://bit.ly/2NjDYtV

Hook- Owner Jungle Wide Gap 5/0: http://bit.ly/2sBsR1Z

Bait #1- Jackall Archelon (Green Pumpkin, School Gill): http://bit.ly/2uo4sN5

Bait #2- Strike King Rage Craw (Green Pumpkin, Dirty Craw): http://bit.ly/2uoqsLJ

Shallow Reaction Baits...

Crankbait- River2Sea Biggie Squarebill (Abalone Shad, TS Minnow): http://bit.ly/2ahCzvo

Crankbait- Lucky Craft 1.5 Squarebill (Ghost Minnow, American Shad): http://bit.ly/2BGxKPa

Topwater- River2Sea Rover 128 (Ghost Minnow, Sooner, You Know It): http://bit.ly/2acSVea

Jig For Deep Or Shallow...

Jig- 1/2 oz Pitchin Jig (Go To, Molting Craw): http://bit.ly/2amL3of

Jig Trailer- Sweet Beaver (Green Pumpkin, Tramp Stamp): http://bit.ly/29W3RZW

Deep Water Baits...

Crankbait- Strike King 6XD (Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Delta Red, Pro Blue): http://bit.ly/2ery44M

Crankbait- Strike King 10XD (Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Delta Red): http://bit.ly/2gHT4F0

Hook Upgrades...

6XD - Gamakatsu EWG Size 2: http://bit.ly/2cZrsbY

10XD- Owner ST-36 Size 1/0: http://bit.ly/2cWpeyw

Biggie- Owner ST-36 Size 2: http://bit.ly/2cWpeyw

Preferred All-around Combo...

Rod- Expride 7'2" Medium Heavy: http://bit.ly/2nTq9FL

Reel- Shimano Curado 200K: http://bit.ly/2tHewEh

Line- 50 lb Power Pro Maxcuatro: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ

Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Budget-Friendly All Around Combo...

Rod- Shimano SLX 7'2" Medium Heavy: http://bit.ly/2L3wppO

Reel- Shimano SLX: http://bit.ly/2NfdOnk

Line- 15 lb Sunline Assassin: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm

fall web.jpg

How To Catch Bass In The Heat! (Its Easy)

Let's go catch Giant Summer bass together! Its not hard once you know where to look! Today we're going to show you exactly how the bass position on hot days and what you need to know to catch them. We're going to show you 6 different techniques you can use to run the hot weather pattern and catch bass anywhere in the country this Summer.

Many anglers are afraid to go out in the middle of the day in Summer. The heat gets so intense it can be really uncomfortable but the same scenario that keeps you away makes the bass bite like clockwork. Once you understand how to use shadows to your advantage, you can catch bass everywhere you go.

Matt shows us how you can take the shadow pattern and apply it to shallow bass with a frog, punch rig, and senko. Then he turns around the same day and shows how you it can be done with a jig, a worm, and a deep crankbait. It really is that easy! You have to get out and do some bass fishing before the dog days of Summer come to an end.

Below is a breakdown of the baits, including colors, that Matt used in the video. We've also linked all 6 rods he had rigged on deck.

The baits...

Frog- Jackall Kaera: http://bit.ly/2Fz6SA3 (Glitter Bluegill)

Punch- Strike King Rage Craw: http://bit.ly/2uoqsLJ (Junebug)

Senko- Yamamoto 6" Senko: http://bit.ly/2axAmNS (Green Pumpkin/watermelon Laminate)

Jig- Dirty Jigs 1/2 oz Pitchin' Jig: http://bit.ly/2amL3of (Go To)

Jig Trailer- Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver: http://bit.ly/29W3RZW (Green Pumpkin Red Flake)

Worm- NetBait T-Mac 6.5": http://bit.ly/2jndwj9 (Junebug)

Shaky Head- Dirty Jigs Canterbury 1/4 oz: http://bit.ly/2aFOs0V

Crankbait- Strike King 6XD: http://bit.ly/2ery44M (Chartreuse Sexy Shad)

The Rods For Each Bait...

Frog- Shimano Expride 7'3" XH: http://bit.ly/2nTq9FL

Punch- Shimano Expride 7'11" XH: http://bit.ly/2nTq9FL

Senko- Megabass Levante Perfect Pitch: http://bit.ly/2FdE3YY

Jig- Megabass Orochi XX Braillist: http://bit.ly/2OSVNwH

Worm- G Loomis NRX 852C JWR: http://bit.ly/2hedqsq

Crank- Shimano Zodias 7'6" MH Glass: http://bit.ly/2cgmMAe

Heat Web.jpg