Dobyns 908 Swimbait Rod Review

Are you in the market for a swimbait rod to throw a giant glidebait or softbait? The Dobyns 908 will handle the biggest baits you can throw! Watch the video to get Matt's perspective.

At 9' long and rated for 30+ ounces, this rod is for serious big bait fishing! The rod has a unique taper that allows it throw monsterous baits with ease. What's more interesting is that it can also throw lighter offerings. While it may not be ideal for throwing an 8" huddleston, it can be done.  There are a lot of great custom rods on the market but if you're looking for a production rod to throw monster baits, look no further. 

Dobyns 908 Rod:
Tranx 300 Swimbait Reel:
100 lb Maxcuatro Braided Line: