Cheap Vs. Expensive - Best Fishing Rods

Before you buy new fishing rods check out this video! What are you really getting for your money? Are all of these different rods worth it or are some a better value? Matt explains his 4 favorite rod lines (from cheap to expensive) and what sets each one apart. 

When choosing the best rod lines to invest your money Matt used the follow criteria... How sensitive are the rods? How consistent is the entire line? Do they make enough models to cover the average angler's needs? Is this the best all-around rod in its class? 

Dobyns Colt Series:

The Colt is a great line of rods in the $80 price range. They cover all of your basic techniques with fairly slow actions that will help you land fish. Quality is excellent for the price and best of all, they seem to be consistent. 

Standout Models...
7' Medium spinning- All around finesse
7' Medium Heavy Crankbait - lipless and deep cranks
7' Heavy- jigs, Texas rigs, small swimbaits

Dobyns Fury Series:

The Fury line covers everything from finesse to giant swimbaits. Its a true "do everything" line of rods and you can do if for $120 a piece. These are fantastic rods for the price which some great models to choose from. 

StandOut Models...
-7' Medium Spinning - Finesse Fishing
-7' Medium heavy - all around
-7'3" Extra Heavy - Frogging
-8' Heavy- Big Swimbaits and Glidebaits

Shimano Expride:

The Expride is currently our favorite rod line on the market. They're incredibly light and sensitive and perform along side rods that cost nearly twice their price. At $279, these rods are amazing!

Standout Models...
-7' Light + Spinning- Dropshot, Ned Rig, Tubes
-7'2" Medium Heavy- All Around topwater, Texas rigs, reaction
-7'3" Extra Heavy- Frog fishing
-7'11" Extra Heavy- Best Flipping Stick On The Market (at any price)

G Loomis NRX:

The NRX is the industry standard for sensitivity and ultra light performance. These rods are second to none and offer a variety of amazing models. If you're looking for high-end performance that you can rely on year after year, the NRX is for you!

Stand Out Models...
- 802S JWR: Light Dropshot and Ned Rig
- 852C JWR: Shaky Head, small keitech, worms, finesse
-853C JWR: Light Jigs, Texas Rigs
-894C JWR: Heavy Jigs, Texas Rigs, Jig Head Swimbaits, big spinnerbaits

Matching Reels...
-Casitas 150:
-Curado 200K:
-Chronarch MGL:
-Metanium MGL:

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Shimano Curado K Casting Reel Review | First Look Before They Even Hit The Market!

Shimano has an all-new reel releasing in conjunction with ICast! The Curado K replaces the Curado I and its packed with a ton of new features! Larger handle, smaller body, larger spool open, improved braking, and micro module gearing to give it that buttery smooth feel.  Even better, its offered in 6:1 , 7:1 , and 8:1 gear ratios in both right and left hand retrieve!

We've used Shimano Curados for years and this is the best one they've ever produced. This reel blows the previous generations away and for the same great price of $179.99 . We pushed it to the limits with aggressive frog fishing and flippin and were not disappointed! 

The reel is available for pre-sale through Tackle Warehouse with an expected ship date of July 18th, 2017. If this is a reel you're interested in be sure to get it ordered so you're in line when they arrive!


Get The Curado 200K Here:

Line to spool your new reel...

Our preferred braided line:
Our preferred Fluorocarbon Line:
Our preferred monofilament line:

Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reel Review

Have you seen the All-New Chronarch MGL?? Tim has been fishing the new Shimano Chronarch for a few weeks now and has fallen in love! He shares his experiences in this video...

Shimano's casting reels have been completely overhauled the last few years. The latest upgrade is the new Chronarch MGL, replacing the Chronarch CI4+. Combining light weight with increased handle size, you're sure to love this reel at only $279! The look and feel of this reel rivals the Metanium MGL, you need to give it a try! 

Gear Shown In This Video...

Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reel:
Expride 7'2" Medium Heavy Rod:
Luke Clausen Finesse Jig:
Sweet Beaver Trailer: