Showing the Float and Fly in Action

As promised, here is the follow up to the float and fly post. This first video shows exactly how I fish the rig. You can see as I shake the fly then let it sit, shake then sit, shake then BITE! The overall presentation is a little tricky. Casting the rig can be difficult at first but you’ll soon get used to it. Using the long rod can really make a difference. Can you get a way with an 8 foot rod in tournament conditions? Yes. But if you’re just fun fishing a 9 1/2 foot rod will work much better.

In the second video you get a great comparison between the fly and a dropshot. Notice which one is putting more fish in the boat! The dropshot did actually land two fish off camera but its clear that they were targeting the fly.

To recap from the previous post, the equipment used is a Redington 9′ 6″ ultralight steelhead rod. I coupled it with a Shimano Symetre reel and 3 lb flourocarbon line. The bait is a 1/16th ounce hair jig with a Thill bobber set between 15′ and 18′.
These fish were easy to see as they would just pull the bobber under water. Some days all they do is sit there with the bait in their mouth. This is harder to detect but with the properly weighted bobber you can see these bites as well.
It doesn’t matter if you live in California, Tennessee, or Texas, the Float and Fly can work for you. I look forward to your thoughts!