G Loomis Conquest Rods - Are They Worth The Money??

We got the opportunity to check out the G Loomis Conquest and you need see what we found! This rod is a true hybrid between Shimano and G Loomis. For year's Shimano has been at the forefront of rod technology. With the Conquest we get all the advantages of that technology coupled with the build quality and sensitivity that G Loomis is known for. 

Shimano's Spiral X and Hi Power X technologies both make a huge difference in rod performance. Never before has this technology been mated with the incredible sensitivity of a Loomis blank. You've got to feel the difference for yourself!

The Rods...
G Loomis Conquest Casting Rods: http://bit.ly/2iL1PAY
G Loomis Conquest Spinning Rods: http://bit.ly/2BiGUNi

G Loomis NRX Casting Rods: http://bit.ly/2hedqsq
G Loomis NRX Spinning Rods: http://bit.ly/2dX9zjv

Reels we recommend pairing with...
Stella 2500 Spinning: http://bit.ly/2zT8C66
Exsence 300 Spinning: http://bit.ly/2iMtscV

Antares Casting Reel: http://bit.ly/2ha2zNI
Metanium Casting Reel: http://bit.ly/2ezIBfB
Aldebaran 50 Casting Reel: http://bit.ly/2fdX1Uy

The Conquest is in a league of its own. The only rod that comes close is the NRX, also by G Loomis. Both rods are unbelievably sensitive but one (The NRX) is built for ultra-light weight sensitivity while the Conquest is built for Power and Sensitivity. Be realistic about your fishing style as you choose between these two amazing rods. 

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