Understanding Reels and Gear Ratios

Fishing equipment is getting more expensive every year so understanding what you need before making a purchase is very important. Purchasing the right rod comes down to choosing a model you like but reels require more details. Most quality reels are offered in several different gear ratios so choosing the speed that meets your needs is critical.

After getting multiple requests for a video about what gear ratios we use for different techniques, Matt finally sat down in front of the camera to give a brief explanation of his preferences.

Matt keeps it pretty simple. As you'll see in the video, he only uses three ratios, and really, could get by with two. His specific reel preferences  for each speed are:

5:1 ratio: Shimano Curado or Calcutta

6:1 ratio: Shimano Curado or Caenan

7:1 Ratio: Shimano Curado or Lews BB-1 Pro