15 Ways To Rig A Senko | Bass Fishing Tips

Are you tired of rigging a senko like everyone else? Here are a bunch of ways you've never even heard of and neither have the bass! All 15 of these senko rigging tips are proven to catch fish! Everyone fishes the senko but if you want to catch bigger bass trying fishing the senko with one of these unique presentations. 

The senko is the most universal bait in bass fishing. Most anglers learn how to fish a senko before anything else. Advanced anglers often forget the power of the senko but that is a mistake. Let's be clear, GIANT bass will eat the senko! 

We know some of these tips are crazy and off the wall but if you try them you'll be amazed how effective they really are. Good luck out there!

The Senkos...
Standard 3"-7" Senko: http://bit.ly/2axAmNS
Yamamoto/Daiwa Neko: http://bit.ly/2o2O3LG
Slim Senko: http://bit.ly/2wtX037
Pro Senko: http://bit.ly/2vXUKln

Below is the gear needed For the Various Rigging Methods.

Blades for adding flash and vibration...
Pro Point Underspin Blade: http://bit.ly/2f6uwne
Talon Lures Worm Blade: http://bit.ly/29ZWOzw

Hooks For Texas Rigging...
Gamakatsu EWG Hook: http://bit.ly/2d07gvp
Gamakatsu Superline Hook: http://bit.ly/2ac92XG

Hooks For Wacky Rigging...
Owner Wacky Hook: http://bit.ly/2x0yBGU
Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap: http://bit.ly/2aKGmHM
Trokar Dropshot Hook: http://bit.ly/2ahxJOr

Rings and Saddles for Wacky Rigging...
O Ring Tool: http://bit.ly/2wtX7M8
Extra O Rings: http://bit.ly/2h5MhX2
Wacky Saddle: http://bit.ly/2xnYcJo
Wacky Saddle Perfect Rings: http://bit.ly/2y2DKer

Jig Heads and Weights for Senkos...
3/8-1/2 oz. Pitchin' Jig: http://bit.ly/2amL3of
Jackall Weedless Wacky: http://bit.ly/2x0wiTY
Gamakatsu Finesse Wacky Jig: http://bit.ly/2faIevI
Dirty Jigs Canterbury Shakey Head: http://bit.ly/2aFOs0V
Gamakatsu Ball Head: http://bit.ly/2dJAhec
Tungsten Neko Weight: http://bit.ly/2iu37z7
Dropshot Weights: http://bit.ly/2aCjeHE
Tungsten Dropshot Weights: http://bit.ly/2oy7i24
Split Shot Weight: http://bit.ly/2rCn8WY

Carolina Rigging/Weighted Texas Weights and Swivels...
Vike Tungsten Weights: http://bit.ly/2a2XTZ3
Spro Power Swivel: http://bit.ly/2ay0p7d

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