Take a kid fishing

I spent the last week scoping out water, talking to friends, watching the weather, and anything else I could think of so that my nephew would have a great time when we went fishing. Game day came and the weather was perfect, we practically had the lake to ourselves and there were fish all over the graph. As luck would have it, the bite had shut down. One nice smallmouth to the side of the boat was all we had to show for a full day on the water.

As you can imagine I was a little bummed out. That is, until I started listening to what he was saying. He didn’t care that we didn’t catch fish. He got to see an eagle, run around on shore (track mud all over the boat), and throw his brand new crankbait. Sure, catching fish would have been nice but it wasn’t what made or broke his day.
The point of this story is that you need to take a kid fishing. Don’t have kids? Me either! Ask a family member or friend if their kids would like to spend a day on the water. They don’t care if you’re on fish or not and a day away from the tv, computer, and classroom will do them some good!
There will always be good reasons not to go but before you know it those kids will be grown up and won’t share our love for the outdoors. Stop your busy schedule for a day and head to a lake, stream, or river near you so that the little ones can fall in love with this sport we all love so much.