Tiny Swimbaits for Stubborn Bass

We talk a lot about swimbaits with the goal of catching giant bass but today we hit the water in some very difficult conditions and use small paddle tail swimbaits to find anything that will bite. 

When post frontal or other undesirable weather conditions set in don't be afraid to set ego aside and just have fun! Downsizing your baits to produce bites is a great move when you've been dealt a tough hand.

We used a mixed bag of small paddetails, pre-rigged swimbaits, and underspins to get bit in the hours after a storm blew out of the area. The bass had been targeting shad but with the return of the sun had stopped chasing them and had begun staying close to cover. By downsizing to the smallest swimbaits we could find we were able to find success despite the conditions. 

Baits used in this video...

-Keitech 3.3 Fat Swing Impact

-Keitech 4" Easy Shiner