The Story Of Matt's 12+ Lber From Shore!

Do you want to catch a 10 lb bass? Are you a bank fisherman who doesn't own a boat? We didn't always own bass boats either. There was a time when we were sneaking into ponds and creeks in search of anywhere we might catch a bass. Check out this story of Matt catching a bass that was 15+ lbs from the Shore of a local pond!!

Sorry we don't have the video to match but this fish lit the fire that led to the addiction that became Tactical Bassin! We know some anglers don't care for bedfishing and others don't but his was early on in Matt's fishing career and was the bass that inspired his addiction to trophy bass fishing!

What did that fish eat? 

Glass Bead:
The Hook:
Custom Creature Bait but like this one:
12 lb Maxima Line:

The Scale I SHOULD HAVE had:

What can you learn from this story? ANYONE can catch a giant bass if you put your time in. Whether or not you have a boat, whether or not you have the best gear, your time will come. Stick to it, keep fishing, and one day you're going to get your shot at the fish of a lifetime!