Fire on the Mountain

Well, as much as we'd love to bring you a fresh, new post this week, some more important activities have been taking place around here. As most of you know, Tim lives on the shores of Clearlake and Matt is a guide on the lake. This week, the mountains near Clearlake caught fire.

The "Rocky Fire" has been explosive since it took off a few short days ago, now encompassing 67,000 acres! Let me begin by saying we're safe and not at any risk of direct impact from the fire, so please don't worry about us. We've continued doing our jobs and living life, but fishing is the last thing on either of our minds.

While we've been blessed with safety, others are not so fortunate.  Its burned 24 homes, more than 6900 others are threatened, and it shows no signs of slowing!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and communities being impacted by the blaze! Whatever you believe and wherever you are, we ask the Tacticalbassin community to pray for those being impacted by this brutal fire! This too shall pass but its leaving destruction in its wake and we can't help but hurt for those that are losing everything.

We'll keep you posted of any drastic changes and will be back to our normal content shortly. For now, the safety of friends and neighbors trumps the need for bass fishing content. Be safe and we'll see you soon!