Fishing Rod Buyer's Guide

Ever wanted to buy a new fishing rod but can't decide which one to get? Tim explains what all the different actions, ratings, and sizes mean so you know what you're getting before it arrives.

Ever wondered what all the letters and numbers mean? Example: 845CBR. Well , if you're looking at a G Loomis that's 84 inches long, 5 power rod, CBR (Crank Bait Rod). If its a Dobyns (704C) that would be a 7'0", 4 power rod, "C" for Casting Rod. All of those numbers and letters can get pretty confusing but they're actually really easy to understand once its been explained. 

Rods Shown In The Video...

Dobyns Champion Extreme Casting:
Shimano Zodias Casting:
Shimano Expride Casting:
Daiwa Tatula:
G Loomis GLX Casting:
G Loomis Crankbait Rod: