We Caught The Most Rare Fish In North America!

We challenged ourselves to catch the RAREST Fish in North America and we did it! Come along on the journey to see this amazing fish! It took a lot of 4-wheeling, creek crossings, hiking, and a little luck but we finally caught the ultra rare Golden Trout.

We found the elusive trout in ultra clear water and were even able to shoot some underwater footage of them in their natural habitat. This is one adventure we won't soon forget! We literally found ourselves on the Pacific Crest Trail , a trail that crosses the highest peaks in the Continental United States, to reach these fish. If they were easy to reach it wouldn't be worth bringing you along!

We know this branches away from our typical bass fishing content but we hope you enjoy this glimpse into the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. 

Our Gear...
Tackle Warehouse Angler Pack: http://bit.ly/2hvexCd
GoPro Hero5 Black: http://bit.ly/2iwZqqU
Plano Pro Latch Box: http://bit.ly/2vb8htA

Matt's Combo...
Rod- Zodias 6'8" Med Light: http://bit.ly/2jOUXAO
Reel- Shimano Sedona 1000: http://bit.ly/2wgh50Z
Line- 4 lb Sunline Sniper: http://bit.ly/2p7fxju

Tim's Combo...
Rod- (Current Version) IMX Pro 6'10" Mag LT: http://bit.ly/2vVN6Zj
Reel- Shimano Sustain: http://bit.ly/2v5ovAm
Line- 4 lb Sunline Sniper: http://bit.ly/2p7fxju

-Dry Creek 2.75" Tube: http://bit.ly/2vligs0
-1/16th oz. Darter Head: http://bit.ly/2dR6e5N
-Panther Martin Spinner: http://bit.ly/2uXduVt
-Adjust-A-Bubble Bobber: Source Locally
-Assorted Dry and Sinking Flies: Source Locally


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