Snagproof Open August 6-7

For those of you on the west coast, you probably know that this weekend is the annual Snagproof Open on the Delta. For those of you around the world, the Snagproof Open is a unique 2-day tournament in which anglers weigh in 3-fish limits (instead of the typical 5) and are only allowed to use Snagproof brand products. In other words, its a topwater frog tournament.
Unfortunately I won’t be fishing the event this year. However, I will be there to help where needed so track me down and say hello. Northern California as a whole has had an EPIC frog year thus far and that should translate into some big weights at the tournament.
In the spirit of the event I thought I’d throw in a quick video of a fish from last week. She’s not huge but she absolutely crushed a Bobby’s Perfect frog in Cicada color while walking it in open water. If I had the option to fish the event, there is no question that this is the bait I would be using and would fish it in similar conditions. (Open water between weeds and tullies)

Best of luck to those fishing the event and again, take the time to say hello. I’d love to put faces to names and maybe we can grab the camera and shoot a clip or two for the site. See you there!