8 lb Spotted Bass!!!

Most people know me as a largemouth fisherman but once in a while I get the Spotted bass bug and I start heading to the foothill lakes in search of world-class Spots. Afterall, we live in California. We've got the current world record and I think everyone agrees it will be broken again in the next couple of years. It wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if she happened to fall for my presentation.Frankly, it amazes me that more anglers don't fish for trophy spotted bass. The allure of the 10 lb largemouth distracts many anglers from the allure of a fair shot at a WORLD RECORD spot. How can you pass up that opportunity?

Giant spots, unlike giant california largemouth, will eat just about anything. Each year I'm shocked by the number of magnum spots we catch on worms, tubes, jigs, small topwater, and small swimbaits. It goes to show you that any weekend warrior has a shot at a magnum spot, no special equipment needed! So where should you go? It seems like the buzz these days is all about Bullards Bar but there are quite a few fisheries producing world class spots. Personally, I would say that Shasta, Whiskey Town, Bullards Bar, Collins, New Melones, Don Pedro, and Bass Lake, all have an equal shot at the next world record. All of these lakes have produced spots over 8 lbs in the last 12 months and most have rumors of 10+ lbers being secretly caught as well. Its up to you to pick the one you like best and put in a couple extra days this year. Good luck out there!

My largest spots this year have been caught on the following: -Dry Creek Tubes -Get Bit's 3 1/2" Tube -A variety of Swimbaits -River2Sea's "tuned" Rover The smaller swimbaits as well as the tubes were all paired with the Dirty Jigs HD Swimbait Head