Crazy Underwater Footage! GIANT BASS Meets 10" Huddleston Swimbait!

Have you ever wondered if big swimbaits work? I mean, do they really work? Ever wanted to see a MONSTER BASS eat one? Now is your chance! Watch this trophy bass get fired up and eat monster 6 to 10 inch swimbaits over and over!

Its amazing to watch the defensive patterns change as the video progresses. In the beginning the smaller bass is totally focused on protecting the larger bass. By the end of the video the smaller fish has lost control and is just staying out of the way and the Monster bass attacks any swimbait that comes near its bed!

Anglers often over think their fishing but this is one time that I think we underestimate bass. There is a lot more going on during the spawn than we realize. From the surface of the water the concept seems simple but when we take an underwater look at the spawning process its amazing how many layers there really are to the bass' behavior.

Its clear that blanket answers like “just throw white” or “catching spawning bass kills their nest” or “fishing during the spawn is cheating” simply aren't accurate. Every bed and every bass is different. With a little patience and a lot of studying you can quickly analyze each fish and change your approach to become a much more effective and efficient bed fisherman.

The Gear Tim used in this video...


GoPro Hero5 Camera:

Tim's Sunglasses (Amber Lenses):

Huddleston 10” Swimbait:

Huddleston 8” Swimbait:

Huddleston 68 Swimbait:

Stinger Hook Wire:

Treble Stinger Hook (Size 2):


Huddleston 10” Combo...

Rod- Dobyns 908:

Reel- Tranx 300:

Line- 100 Lb Max Cuatro Braid:

Leader- 30 Lb Maxima Leader:


Huddleston 8” Combo...

Rod- Dobyns 807:

Reel- Tranx 300:

Line- 80 lb Sufix 832 Braid:

Leader- 30 lb Maxima Leader:


Huddleston 68 Combo...

Rod- Dobyns Fury 795:

Reel- Tranx 300:

Line- 65 Lb Sufix 832 Braid:

Leader- 25 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

EPIC Bite Pic2.jpg

Huddleston Swimbait Retrieves

Are you trying to catch a big bass on a swimbait this year? These 3 retrieves are all you'll need to make it happen. Swimbait fishing is very simple it just takes a solid foundation and some dedication. 

The 3 retrieves are as follows:

1) Steady Retrieve: Think of the Swimbait as nothing more than a spinnerbait. Simply chuck and wind, mid-column. 

2) Bottom Creeping: As the name suggests this retrieve is all about going slow, and then slowing down some more. 

3) The hop: This retrieve doesn't work often but in a pinch, it catches the giants! It involves burning the reel handle then killing the bait, much like fishing a hair jig. 

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-Huddleston 8" Swimbait
-Huddleston 68 Special

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