Huddleston Swimbait Retrieves

Are you trying to catch a big bass on a swimbait this year? These 3 retrieves are all you'll need to make it happen. Swimbait fishing is very simple it just takes a solid foundation and some dedication. 

The 3 retrieves are as follows:

1) Steady Retrieve: Think of the Swimbait as nothing more than a spinnerbait. Simply chuck and wind, mid-column. 

2) Bottom Creeping: As the name suggests this retrieve is all about going slow, and then slowing down some more. 

3) The hop: This retrieve doesn't work often but in a pinch, it catches the giants! It involves burning the reel handle then killing the bait, much like fishing a hair jig. 

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-Huddleston 8" Swimbait
-Huddleston 68 Special

Other Swimbaits we highly Recommend...

-JSJ Hitch 6
-Osprey Tournament Talon
-S-Waver Glidebait
-JSJ Siren Glidebait