What's The Deal With The NEW Whopper Plopper?!

Do you love topwater? Do you love the Whopper Plopper? Check out these crazy blow ups and detailed look at the new 110 Whopper Plopper! River2Sea did an awesome job with this one!

See the Whopper Plopper 110 here: http://bit.ly/2bsPbQV

Try these colors... "Loon", "Monkey Butt", or "Powder". 

This new size has a unique body shape and a reduced hook size. This allows you to effectively fish the bait on slightly lighter tackle without making any adjustments to split rings or hooks.


Matt's actual rod setup for the 110 size...

Rod- Shimano Zodias 7'2" Medium Heavy: http://bit.ly/2cgmMAe
Reel- Shimano Citica I: http://bit.ly/2dWFHA4
Line- Phenix Hydra 8 Braided line 40 lb: http://bit.ly/2uwUt8G
Leader- 15 lb Maxima Ultragreen: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9


Equipment We Recommend...

Favorite Pliers: http://bit.ly/2tfxFvw
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Plopper 110.jpeg