Shimano Tranx 300 Reel Review

Shimano just released the Tranx 300 and 400 as new additions to their casting reel line up for fresh and saltwater applications. If you've been looking for a super strong reel to throw swimbaits, big baits, A-rigs, Crankbaits, or cross over into inshore fishing, this might just be the reel for you!

The Tranx 300 fits the big bait niche perfectly for us. We found that it paired very well with our swimbait rods and worked equally well with big softbaits and hardbaits alike.

The addition of a high speed version (7.6:1 Gear Ratio) is another awesome upgrade from previous offerings into this category. With a high speed option the effectiveness of reactive fishing with glidebaits, wakebaits, and other fast moving baits is very high. If you're in the market for a big bait, high power, or offshore reel be sure and check out the new Tranx casting reel by Shimano. 

See the gear here...

Tranx Reel :
Matching Rods:

Baits We've successfully used with this reel...

Huddleston Swimbait:
Osprey Swimbait:
10XD Crankbait:
Lucky Craft Magnum Crankbait:
River2Sea S-Waver:
Gan Craft Magnum Glidebait: