Line Extremes: Part 2

If you fish on a regular basis there is no doubt you’ve come across situations where bass become extremely line shy. This can result from weather changes, abnormally clear water, increased fishing pressure, or any number of other variables. Understanding HOW to react to this change in bass behaviour is more important than completely understanding WHY it is happening.

As I stated in the previous post on Line Extremes, I prefer heavy line. Given the opportunity I will pick up a big bait on heavy line rather than a finesse rig. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. When the fish get finicky I too turn to light line, extremely light line. Through years of on the water experimentation I’ve found what I consider to be a bass’ ultimate weakness. Before I make this statement I must admit, I am not a biologist and this is only my personal experience talking.

Bass can see most line. In clear water circumstances they can see (and visibly shy away from) 8 lb, 6 lb, and occasionally 4 lb line. When you get into the 3 lb range most bass can no longer see the line but occasionally one will react negatively. However, when you make the jump to 2 lb line, I truly believe it is invisible to all bass regardless of water clarity.

Fishing with such light line has its down sides. You will break fish off, no question about it. Fishing for big bass is inherently difficult, adding light line to the equation makes it that much more difficult. So why use such light line? Simple, you get the opportunity to hook bigger fish that wouldn’t have bit heavier line. With time and practice you will learn to play them out and your hook up to land ratio will be much higher than when you started.

From a tournament standpoint I don’t recommend fishing with 2 lb. If money is involved 4 lb line will get you a few less bites but has much more room for error. I’m not going to tell you one line is better than another for this style of fishing but I will recommend flourocarbon.
Check your local shop but if they don’t offer light enough line these guys will fill the gap. Flourocarbon Lines at Tacklewarehouse