$200,000 Yacht Sunk To The Bottom!! (Coast Guard Called)

You never know what you're going to see when fishing!!! We noticed the oil slick, then the life jackets, then the yacht! Once the Coast Guard arrived we gave them the room to work but we hope this worked out for the boat owners! 

Let this serve as a reminder to all of us! Regular boat maintenance is so important! In your bass boat, here are some quick items you can change to ensure that your boat isn't taking on water. Don't let those minor leaks go unchecked. We've had to raise a bass boat off the lake bottom in the past and its not easy!

Drain Plug- http://bit.ly/2wN7O0b
Remote Plug System- http://bit.ly/2jkZqjS
Livewell Pump- http://bit.ly/2iPRaEu
Bilge Pump (With Float for automatic bilge)- http://bit.ly/2zDfRMh

If you happen to remember that we were fishing in the beginning of the video here is the gear we were using. And if you were wondering what on earth we were doing... 30 foot visibility and Tim's fish had a follower chasing it around... we were after that double hook up. 

Eye Surrender ESE Polarized Glasses...
Grey in Sunlight or Amber in Low Light: http://bit.ly/2glE3eN

Tim's Setup...
Rod- G Loomis NRX 901: http://bit.ly/2dX9zjv
Reel- Shimano Stella 2500: http://bit.ly/2zT8C66
Line- Power Pro MaxCuatro 10 lb: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ
Leader- 7 lb Sunline Snipper Fluoro: http://bit.ly/2p7fxju
Hook- Owner Mosquito Light: http://bit.ly/2zQVKx3
Roboworm 4" Fat Worm: http://bit.ly/2awYSxM
Weight- Tungsten Dropshot: http://bit.ly/2oy7i24

Matt's Setup...
Rod- Shimano Expride 7' Medium: http://bit.ly/2osaj3q
Reel- Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500: http://bit.ly/2gu84t7
Line- 10 lb Sufix 832: http://bit.ly/2ae93Ji
Leader- 8 lb Sunline Asassin: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm
Hook- Trokar Dropshot: http://bit.ly/2ahxJOr
Worm- Roboworm 4" Fat: http://bit.ly/2awYSxM
Weight- Tungsten Dropshot: http://bit.ly/2oy7i24

We forget how dangerous the water can be. Boats sink all the time and we need to be more aware of the dangers. Always wear your safety equipment, carry the tools and equipment to keep you and your passengers safe, and always keep an eye out to help others that may be in distress. 


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