How To Catch Bass In Muddy Water

Bass LOVE muddy water! Its not as tough as you think to catch fish when the water is murky. Anglers often lose confidence and begin to struggle when the water turns muddy and starts to rise but its all in their heads. Rising muddy water means more food and more food means aggressive bass. When the muddy conditions arrive this year, you'll be ready!

Don't let water color scare you. Whether your lake is crystal clear or chocolate milk the bass still need to eat. Its all about adaptation and recognizing changing conditions. Don't be afraid to fish aggressively in dark water. Matt's favorite bait in high, muddy water is a spinnerbait. There is no reason to slow down unless the bass won't cooperate. If that happens, we've got a handful of other techniques you can try with confidence.

Below is a breakdown of the baits discussed in the video. All of these are proven producers in stained to muddy water. Don't be afraid to get out there after the next big storm, you might be surprised how many fish are willing to bite.

Reaction Baits...

River2Sea Bling Spinnerbait (Iced):

Revenge Double Colorado Spinnerbait:

Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatterbait:

Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig (Citrus Shad or Dirty Shad):

Lucky Craft LV-500 Lipless Crankbait (Chartreuse Shad):

Slow Moving Baits...

No-Jack Flipping Jig (Blackend Blue):

Man Bear Pig Creature Bait:

Brush Hog Creature Bait:

6"' Yamamoto Senko:

Preferred Rods For Muddy Water Fishing...

Rod- Zodias 7'5" Heavy or Extra Heavy:

Reel- Curado 200K HG:

Line- 65 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro Braid:


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Winter A-Rigs (Beginner Tips AND Advanced Rigging Tricks)

Are you doing it wrong? Are you going down the bank mindlessly casting an A-rig? Winter is when the fine details of A-rig fishing become critical. Its time to focus on modifying your rigs to reach new depths and catch fish you can't target any other way. This isn't the same old A-rig info, its time to do things differently.

7 years ago the Alabama Rig hit the scene and shocked the tournament world. Anglers thought it was the end of the world and fishing would never be the same. While that has already proven itself to be ridiculous, the A-rig remains an incredible tool for Winter bass fishing.

When the reaction bite dies and you've resigned yourself to finesse fishing, there is still a shot that the A-rig will work. It works long after most other reaction offerings have lost their effectiveness. Don't be afraid to pick up an A-rig this Winter, make a few adaptions for the cold water conditions, and start slinging!

Below is a breakdown of the rigs, baits, gear, and storage options of the A-rig.

The Rigs...

Yum Flash Mob Jr.:

G-Funk Baits Cali Rig:

The Heads...

Matt Allen Swimbait Head:

HD Swimbait Head:

Guppy Head:


CPS Centering Pin (Medium):

Owner Hyperwire Split Ring (Size 3 or 4):

Spro Power Swivels:

Tim's Preferred Combo...

Rod- G Loomis IMX Pro 7'6" Heavy (894):

Reel- Shimano Metanium MGL:

Line- 65 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:

Leader- 20 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

All-Around A-Rig Combo...

Rod- Shimano Curado 7'6" Medium Heavy:

Reel- Shimano Curado 200K HG:

Line- 65 lb Power Pro MaxCuatro:

Leader- 20 lb Power Pro:

A-Rig Storage Options...

Plano A-rig Box:

Red One A- Rigger:

Eye Surrender Pouch:


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Top 5 Baits To Catch Tough Winter Bass

Winter bass fishing offers a great shot at BIG bass! Unfortunately windy, blue-bird skies make it nearly impossible to get a bite. How do you combat these tough conditions? Matt explains 5 key techniques he applies to fool stubborn bass into biting during the cold water months.

Most anglers turn to finesse when tough conditions develop. This a great option that is often successful but its not mandatory. There are a handful of power fishing techniques that can be adapted for tough conditions.

Below is a break down of the baits (and colors) that Matt recommends for overcoming post-frontal conditions the next time you encounter them.

1) Ned Rig...

Worm: Z Man Finesse TRD:

Head: Z Man Ned LockZ HD:

Favorite Colors - Green Pumpkin, Junebug, Canada Craw

2) Dropshot...

Worm: Roboworm 4" Fat Worm:

Hook: Owner Mosquito Light:

Weight: Tungsten Dropshot:

Favorite Colors- Aarons Magic, MMIII, Peoples Worm

3) Finesse Underspin...

Swimbait: Keitech 2.8 Swing Impact Fat:

Underspin: Cool Baits (3/16 with 1/0 Hook):

Swimbait Head: Dirty Jigs Guppy Head (1/8 oz with 1/0):

Favorite Colors- Pro Blue Red Pearl, Tennessee Shad, Electric Shad

4) Jerkbait...

Jerkbait: Lucky Craft Staysees 90:

Jerkbait: Lucky Craft Pointer 78DD:

Hook: Aaron Martens Finesse Nano Treble (Size 5):

Favorite colors- Aurora Black, Chartreuse Shad, Nishiki, Ghost Minnow

5) Blade Bait...

Option 1: Silver Buddy:

Option 2: Vibe:

Option 3: Damiki Vault:

Option 4: Molix Trago Vib:

Preferred Hook: Gamakatsu EWG Size 4:


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Cold Water Jerkbait Fishing: Everything You Need To Know

If you're ready to catch more jerkbait fish, this is your video! Matt breaks down Which Baits, How To Work Them, and a whole lot more in this in-depth look at jerkbaits. He keeps his bait selection simple, makes his gear choices easy, and focuses on triggering the bass into biting.

If you've ever wanted to catch a jerkbait fish, now is the time to get out there and make it happen. The sharp cooling trend at the end of Fall triggers an aggressive feeding desire in bass. Couple that response with a desire to conserve energy in the cold and the jerkbait doubles up on effectiveness.

The handful of baits Matt describes in this video are deadly! Used independently they're great but when combined together you have a simple system that can be adapted to changing temperatures, depths, and cover.

Below you'll find a breakdown of Matt's favorite baits, equipment, hook upgrades, and even a color list of some of the colors that he has seen the most success with.

The baits...

Jackall Rerange:

Megabass Vision 110:

Megabass Vision 110 +1:

Megabass Vision 110 Silent:

Lucky Craft Flash Pointer 100:

Lucky Craft Staysee 90:

Hook and Split Ring Upgrades...

Hook- Gamakatsu Finesse Nano Treble:

Split Ring- Owner Hyperwire Size 2:

Recommended Hook Sizes by bait...

Jackall- Size 4

Megabass- Size 6

Staysee- Size 5

Flash Pointer- Size 6

Matt's Favorite Jerkbait Combo...

Rod- Expride 6'10" Medium:

Reel- Alberaran MGL:

Line- 12 lb Assassin Fluorocarbon:

6'10 Medium also available in these lines...




Prefer a different brand? Here are a couple other great choices...

St Croix Legend Elite 6'10 Medium:

Megabass Destroyer OneTen Special:

Lucky Craft Colors... American Shad, Aurora Black, Ghost Minnow

Megabass Colors... GP Crystal Shad, GP Pro Blue, Killer Kawaguchi

Jackall Colors... Ghost Wakasagi, HL Silver Shad, RT Hollow Minnow


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