Underwater Footage | Big Spotted Bass Crushing Swimbaits and Jigs!

This Spotted Bass is ready to fight! We positioned a camera below the surface to catch the drama as it unfolds. The bass repeatedly goes on the attack! It viciously eats swimbaits and jigs without abandon. Spotted Bass are amazing predators. They're more aggressive than largemouth and more powerful than smallmouth. This bass is a perfect example of Spotted Bass aggression! 

In case you're wondering, this bass is spawning. Its a 3-4 lb male and is defending its bed. You'll notice though that where a largemouth will sit on its bed and a smallmouth will spin around in circles, a Spotted Bass will actually go on the offense. It rises toward the surface to meet its foe and will not stop until the job is done. 

Baits In This Video...

6" Osprey Tournament Talon (Reverse Hitch): http://bit.ly/2bqsLS0

Dirty Jigs Football Jig (Supermat Brown): http://bit.ly/2d0iJbd
Yamamoto Double Tail Grub: http://bit.ly/2db9w1p

Dirty Jigs Clausen Compact Pitchin Jig: http://bit.ly/2hAIyCV
Sweet Beaver 420: http://bit.ly/29W3RZW

Matt Allen Swimbait Head: http://bit.ly/29RrTYN
Skinny Dipper Swimbait: http://bit.ly/2bf1uEn

Revenge Darter Hedz: http://bit.ly/2cHMZbm
Keitech Fat Swing Impact: http://bit.ly/2ab7s8v

Osprey Swimbait Combo...
Rod- Dobyns 806H Champion: http://bit.ly/2aivwYX 
Reel- Shimano Tranx 300: http://bit.ly/2kYsvRw
Line- 80 lb Sufix 832: http://bit.ly/2ae93Ji
Leader- 25 lb Assassin: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm

Jig Combo...
Rod- GLX 893C: http://bit.ly/2gqziwT
Reel- Curado 70: http://bit.ly/2apmDJt
Line- 50 lb Sufix 832: http://bit.ly/2ae93Ji
Leader- 15 lb Assassin: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm

Small Swimbait Combo...
Rod- Zodias 6'10" Medium: http://bit.ly/2cgmMAe
Reel- Chronarch MGL 150: http://bit.ly/2n8DghB
Line- Sufix 832 20 lb: http://bit.ly/2ae93Ji
Leader- 10 lb Assassin: http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm

Its amazing what can be learned from watching underwater bass fishing. Leave a comment and tell us what you learned from this underwater video. 

Underwater Video of Bass Eating Crawfish!

UNDERWATER FOOTAGE of bass eating crawfish plus bonus video of world class Spotted Bass and Largemouth swimming in their natural habitat! Ever wondered if Bass really eat crawfish? 

Its amazing to watch how casually these big spotted bass inhale the crawfish. With no effort at all they are able to gulp them down. I'm not sure what we expected but they sure seem to eat without any concern. 

Crawfish are a primary forage food for bass but we rarely get an opportunity to actually watch them get eaten. There is so much information to be gleened by watching these bass interact with each other and their surroundings. Huge thanks to Paul Young for getting this great footage while freediving California's reservoirs!

Be sure to check out Paul's youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/hubbcap77 and his instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/hubbcap77 for more awesome content!

Underwater Camera- http://bit.ly/2iwZqqU
Lures to Imitate a Crawfish: http://bit.ly/2nIYenO



Catching Big Bass On Little Baits

Matt and his Dad hit the water for some fun fishing but ended up locating a school of big bass! Come along for the ride as they catch quality spotted bass and largemouth on finesse tackle. 

The key to success this day was locating aggressive schooling bass, then keeping them biting by cycling through a variety of baits and cast angles to continue to trigger their feeding mentality. 

When targeting agressive prespawn fish its important to fish quickly and aggressively while the fish are actively feeding. All feeding periods come to an end so catch as many fish as possible during the bite window. Once the fish "cool off" give them a break for a few minutes then try to reactivate the school once more before moving on in search of a new school. 

Gear Shown In the Video...

Revenge Darthedz: http://bit.ly/2cHMZbm
Coolbaits Underspin: http://bit.ly/2boS7QA
Keitech 2.8 Swimbait: http://bit.ly/2ab7s8v
Alabama Rig: http://bit.ly/2bgDGNu
Skinny Dipper Swimbait: http://bit.ly/2bf1uEn
Matt Allen Swimbait Head: http://bit.ly/29RrTYN

Finesse Casting Setup...
Rod- NRX 852C JWR: http://bit.ly/2hedqsq
Reel- Aldabaran 50: http://bit.ly/2fdX1Uy
Line- 10 lb Braid: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ
Leader- 8 lb Mono: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9

Finesse Spinning Setup...
Rod- Dobyns 742: http://bit.ly/29OVnDa
Reel- Stradic CI4+ 2500: http://bit.ly/2gu84t7
Line- 10 lb Braided: http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ
Leader- 8 lb Mono: http://bit.ly/2ae97J9



Crazy Underwater Video!! | Freediving With World Record Bass!

We teamed up with world renowned freediver, Paul Young, to get footage of the World's biggest Spotted Bass in their natural habitat! Watch and learn as we study these schools of fish.


Its amazing to think that you can literally dive underwater and come face to face with spotted bass that are bigger than the world record bass. They're down there, they just haven't been caught yet! 

Huge Thanks to Paul for sharing this amazing underwater fishing video with us! If you'd like to follow Paul's exploits you can see him here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hubbcap77
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hubbcap77

Want to shoot your own underwater video? Here's what you'll need:

The Camera: http://bit.ly/2iwZqqU
The Housing: http://bit.ly/2kyPQbn
The Filter: http://bit.ly/2lqsczo

Getting to watch underwater video like this is an amazing way to learn about bass behavior. Whether your lake has spotted bass, largemouth bass, or smallmouth bass it really doesn't matter. The behavior patterns are similar enough that you can gleen knowledge by watching these fish in their natural habitat. 

We were fascinated to see the giant bass breaking away from the schools and using shadows from cover, trees, grass, etc. to conceal themselves. We can definitely put that to work the next time we're trying to figure out where to fish!