Crazy Underwater Video!! | Freediving With World Record Bass!

We teamed up with world renowned freediver, Paul Young, to get footage of the World's biggest Spotted Bass in their natural habitat! Watch and learn as we study these schools of fish.


Its amazing to think that you can literally dive underwater and come face to face with spotted bass that are bigger than the world record bass. They're down there, they just haven't been caught yet! 

Huge Thanks to Paul for sharing this amazing underwater fishing video with us! If you'd like to follow Paul's exploits you can see him here:

Want to shoot your own underwater video? Here's what you'll need:

The Camera:
The Housing:
The Filter:

Getting to watch underwater video like this is an amazing way to learn about bass behavior. Whether your lake has spotted bass, largemouth bass, or smallmouth bass it really doesn't matter. The behavior patterns are similar enough that you can gleen knowledge by watching these fish in their natural habitat. 

We were fascinated to see the giant bass breaking away from the schools and using shadows from cover, trees, grass, etc. to conceal themselves. We can definitely put that to work the next time we're trying to figure out where to fish!