Throwback To Our Favorite Video!

Thank you for supporting us as we've grown to over 40,000 subscribers on Youtube and 37,000 Followers on Instargram! We appreciate all of your support! This milestone got us a little nastalgic so we looked through our past videos and picked out our absolute favorite. 

This frog fishing video is our favorite for a several reasons. The finished product turned out incredibly well but more importantly, we had a blast getting all the clips! Frogging is one of our favorite ways to catch fish and we were on an amazing bite! 

Gear used in this video...

Bully Wa 2 Frog:

Champion 736 Rod:

Curado 200 Reel:

65 Lb Braided Line:

Camera Used:

We'll be back on schedule with a new video on Friday but in the meantime enjoy the stroll down memory lane as we all dream about catching frog fish in February! Thanks again for watching and supporting Tactical Bassin!