Matt's Biggest Limit | 51 lbs with a 12 lb Kicker!

Catching a 51 lb limit for 5 bass is an experience of a lifetime. Doing it with a camera crew while filming for Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish was amazing! To top it off, the day before they had a 25+ limit of smallmouth bass! 

The number one question we get asked is can you see the show? It still airs from time to time but we don't have a hard copy of it. Be sure to record "Monster Fish" if you want to see it! 

What Gear did we use? 

Spro BBZ-1 Floater:
8" Huddleston Swimbait:
Rod- Dobyns 807:
Reel- Calcutta 400B:
Line- 80 lb Braid:
Leader-25 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Scale Used:
Net Used:
Camera Used:

We were so blessed to catch even one giant bass on a swimbait but to catch a huge limit, and in only 3 hours was truly amazing! Trev Gowdy also go the biggest bass of his life that day. If you ever get the chance to fish big swimbaits , give it a try, you just never know what could happen!