Little Creeper Trash Fish | Quietly Winning Across The Country

The Little Creeper Trash Fish is changing the SWIMBAIT Game for guys in the know. Its been kept quiet for years but word is finally spreading. This bait could be the next Whopper Plopper or A-Rig, don't miss the boat! 

For anglers fishing the West Coast, the Trash Fish is nothing new. Its been winning tournaments for years out here but in recent months it has quietly been winning tournaments around the country. Haven't heard about it yet? You will!

The Baits...

6" Trash Fish:
Owner Beast 6/0:

6" Fatty Trash Fish:
Owner Beast Hook 6/0:

8" Trash Fish:
10/0 Owner Beast Hook:

All American Sunfish:
Trokar 5/0 Swimbait Hook:

Rod and Reel for 6" Baits...
Rod- G Loomis 895C JWR:
Reel- Shimano Chronarch MGL 150:
Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro:
Leader- Sunline Sniper 20 lb:

Rod and Reel for 8" Baits... 
Rod- Dobyns Champion 807:
Reel- Shimano Tranx 300:
Line- 80 lb Sufix 832 Braid:
Leader- 25-30 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Swimbait Storage Options...
Bass Mafia Deep Box:
Plano Deep Box:
Eye Surrender Bait Wrap:


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Need Sun Protection? 

Here's what we wear...
Sun Mask:
Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
Light Fishing Pants:

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Swimbait Box Tour | Which Swimbaits Really Catch Fish?

Want to see inside our SWIMBAIT boxes? Wondering what baits we're really throwing? Take a tour of Matt's soft swimbaits and even a few glide baits in this tour. If you enjoy this video we'll do another soon!

The trouble with the internet is everyone has an opinion. Some anglers are highly educated, others just talk a good game. From behind a screen its very difficult to tell who is who, leading to a great deal of confusion. In this video we show the baits that have been devoured by bass over the years so you know you're getting real information that you can trust as you begin building confidence in swimbaits. 

What are your favorite swimbaits? This is just the tip of the iceberg so let us know if you enjoyed this video and we'll take a look inside more of the swimbait, glidebait, and wakebait boxes in the future. 

The Baits...

JSJ 6" Hitch:

Huddleston 6":
Huddleston 68 Special:
Huddleston 8":
Huddleston 10":

8" Trash Fish:
6" Trash Fish:

6.8" and 7.8" Keitech Fat:

Rago BV3D Top Hook:
Rago BV3D Line Through:

Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer:

Smash Tech HeadHunter:

Megabass 10" Magdraft:

Mattlures Ultimate Bluegill:
Mattlures 6" Tournament Series Swimbaits:

Osprey Tournament Talon:

7" Basstrix Paddletail:

Bull Shad Hardbait:
Bull 4x4 Wakebait:

Gan Craft Jointed Claw 178:

S-Waver 168 and 200: 

Smith Baits Swim and Jig:

Swimbait Hooks...
Matt Allen Swimbait Head:
Owner Beast Hook:
Owner ST-56 Trebles:

Chartreuse Dip'n Dye:

Swimbait Storage Options...
Bass Mafia Deep Box:
Plano Deep Box:
Eye Surrender Bait Wrap:

Everything You Need To Know About Swimbaits:
How To Locate The Biggest Bass In The Lake:
How To Rig Swimbaits:

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Bass Fishing: How to Catch BIG Bass in Fall

Are your Summer patterns slipping away? Are you plagued with little bass? Matt and Tim explain how to quickly locate and target the BIG bass the you're looking for!

Baits and Colors for Fall Fishing...

-S-Waver 168 Swimbait in Light Trout color:

-Whopper Plopper 130 in Bluegill or Loon:
-Bully Wa 2 Frog in Dirty White, Yellow/Black, Little Allen:

-Lucky Craft RTO 4.0 Squarebill (Chartreuse Shad):
-Biggie Smalls Squarebill in T1000 or TS Minnow:
-Jackall Aska 70 Squarebill in "Super Shad":
-LV-500 Lipless Crankbait Ghost Minnow, Chart Shad, or American Shad

-Staysee 90 Jerkbait (Ghost Minnow):
-Pointer 100 DD (Chartreuse Shad):
-Pointer 100 (Gun Metal Shad):

-Bling Spinnerbait 3/8 oz (Abalone Shad):

-3/8 oz Pitchin' Jig (Go To or Norcal Craw):
-3/4 oz Flippin' Jig (Molting Craw):
Sweat Beaver Trailer (Green Pumpkin Red Flake):

Matt Allen Swimbait Head:
Blade Runner Spintrix:
4.8 or 4.3 Keitech Fat Swing Impact:

With this selection of baits you're able to cover every bass fishing scenario that fall fishing can throw your way. Whether the fish are up shallow in docks and timber or out in the scattered grass, tullies, and bull rushes, you'll have lures to reach and trigger the bass into biting. 

Use the glidebait, swimbaits, and reaction baits to locate schooling fish but once you've found them slow down with the squarebill crankbait, jig, and lipless crankbait to capitalize on the schooling bass. 

Once you've located a school of fish the key is to use the smaller bass to "trigger" the big bass into biting. When large bass are alone you're relying on your ability to fool them into biting but once they join a school they become very susceptible to the excitement of the group. Get a small bass to bite and you may be amazed to find the next bite will come from a very agressive, very big bass. 

We hope you can use these tips to help you catch more big bass this Fall! We know the seasons are changing and the bass are following suit but this is prime time to catch a GIANT BASS so head out to the lake and get a school fired up!

Matt Kicker2-01.jpeg

(Video Originally Posted October, 2016)

Squarebill Crankbaits: Tips, Tricks, Colors, and Bait Differences

Why are there are so many different crankbaits on the market? We explain when to use each style and color in a way that is really simple to apply to your fishing. Squarebill crankbaits are awesome baits for catching bass in the Fall and with these tips you'll begin covering water more efficiently than ever before. 

Knowing when to use each style of bait can be very confusing. Tim quickly explains the differences between the 4 baits he recommends throwing this Fall. He also has a simple approach to color selection and some great tips on gear, retrieves, and more. 

Gear Used...

River2Sea Biggie:
Lucky Craft BDS 3:
Lucky Craft RTO:
Strike King KVD HC:

Baits that Matt will discuss in a future video...

Megabass S-Crank:
Jackall Aska 60:
Luhr Jensen Speed Trap:

Hook Upgrades...

Owner ST-36:
Gamakatsu EWG:
Owner ST-35:
Mustad KVD Triple Grip Short Shank:
Hyperwire Split Rings (Black):

Dobyns 704cb:
Megabass Flat Side Special Levante:
Megabass 110 Special Destroyer:

Shimano Curado 70:
Abu Garcia REVO MGX:

Sunline Assassin Fluorocarbon (10-15 lb):
Power Pro MaxCuatro (20-30 lb):

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Need Sun Protection? 

Here's what we wear...
Sun Mask:
Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
Light Fishing Pants:

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