Squarebill Crankbaits: Tips, Tricks, Colors, and Bait Differences

Why are there are so many different crankbaits on the market? We explain when to use each style and color in a way that is really simple to apply to your fishing. Squarebill crankbaits are awesome baits for catching bass in the Fall and with these tips you'll begin covering water more efficiently than ever before. 

Knowing when to use each style of bait can be very confusing. Tim quickly explains the differences between the 4 baits he recommends throwing this Fall. He also has a simple approach to color selection and some great tips on gear, retrieves, and more. 

Gear Used...

River2Sea Biggie: http://bit.ly/2ahCzvo
Lucky Craft BDS 3: http://bit.ly/2blTVwI
Lucky Craft RTO: http://bit.ly/2dj4myf
Strike King KVD HC: http://bit.ly/2gxITSN

Baits that Matt will discuss in a future video...

Megabass S-Crank: http://bit.ly/2dPdTxb
Jackall Aska 60: http://bit.ly/2duancx
Luhr Jensen Speed Trap: http://bit.ly/2fyC098

Hook Upgrades...

Owner ST-36: http://bit.ly/2cWpeyw
Gamakatsu EWG: http://bit.ly/2cZrsbY
Owner ST-35: http://bit.ly/2g8uCMj
Mustad KVD Triple Grip Short Shank: http://bit.ly/2wSxIRz
Hyperwire Split Rings (Black): http://bit.ly/2v8ArBX

Dobyns 704cb: http://bit.ly/29OVD4V
Megabass Flat Side Special Levante: http://bit.ly/2sssatO
Megabass 110 Special Destroyer: http://bit.ly/2wVOSbY

Shimano Curado 70: http://bit.ly/2apmDJt
Abu Garcia REVO MGX: http://bit.ly/2hen4eR

Sunline Assassin Fluorocarbon (10-15 lb): http://bit.ly/2h4LNjm
Power Pro MaxCuatro (20-30 lb): http://bit.ly/2clBRiQ

Want TacticalBassin Gear? Email tacticalbassinapparel@gmail.com for all the details on hats, sunshirts and hoodies. 

Need Sun Protection? 

Here's what we wear...
Sun Mask: http://bit.ly/2vgSsh4
Sun Shirt w/ Hood: http://bit.ly/2vgTOst
Light Fishing Pants: http://bit.ly/2foDx10

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