Sight Fishing Made Easy!

Let's talk about bed fishing! Matt breaks down the EXACT baits that you need to be throwing during the spawn and explains when to throw each style and color. 

Color selection... 
Focus on using Green Pumpkins, Browns, and true bluegill colors. If the fish aren't responding to the natural colors switch to either White, Chartreuse, or colors with a lot of flash to try and elicit a reaction strike. Both methods can be effective but always start with the natural colors so you don't spook finicky bass. 

Baits Shown In the Video...

Minnow Profiles:
3.3 Keitech-
Revenge Darthead-

Basstrix Bait Fry-
Round Ball Head-

Dirty Swim Jig-
Keitech Fat 3.8-

Panfish Profiles:
Mattlures Bluegill Swimbait-

Basstrix Baitfry Bluegill-

Little Creeper Bluegill-

Crawfish Profiles:
Dirty Jigs Pitchin' Jig-
Sweet Beaver 4.20-

3.5" Finesse Tube-
3/16 oz Tube Head-

The Ultimate Pond Fishing Challenge

Matt challenged Tim to show up to a pond with nothing but his backpack and two rods. Inside the pack was a variety of baits that should work great on a small pond. The challenge? Catch a fish on every bait in the box in less than 2 hours... and be careful not to break off, there aren't many backup baits! 

Tim did a great job of working through the various baits to catch bass in the pond. He proved it could be done with different techniques and fishing styles from worm fishing to reaction fishing to getting topwater blow ups. 

Tackle Used In This Video...

Sweet Beaver 4.20 (Tramp Stamp Color):
Jackhammer Bladed Jig:
3.8 Keitech and 4.8 Keitech:
7” Black Powerworm:
6” Fat Roboworm (Margarita Mutilator Color):
Clausen Finesse Jig (Green Pumpkin):
Smallie Beaver (Sprayed Grass):
Rage Toad:
5” Senko (Morning Dawn Color):
White Super Fluke:
Rio Rico Topwater:

Rod- Shimano Zodias 6'10" Medium:
Reel- Shimano Caenan:

Well done Tim! You completed the challenge with time to spare! We hope you guys enjoyed coming along on this challenge video. Its not our typical educational fishing video but we had a blast putting it together and doing something a little different! 

The Trick To Catching Record Fish!

Matt lays it all on the line about how to catch World Records, State Records, and Lake Records!!! Its not random chance and you can do it! Use these tips to make it happen for you!

Step 1) Fish The Right Lake! 
Step 2) Stop Throwing Baits That Hurt Your Odds
Step 3) Throw The Swimbait
Step 4) Focus On Reaction Bites
Step 5) Fish The Right Season
Step 6) Fish In The Dark
Step 7) Use Quality Gear 

Gear Discussed In This Video...
1/2 Ounce Flippin Jig (Go To Color):
Sweet Beaver in Green Pumpkin Black Flake:
S-Waver Swimbait (200 Size):
SmashTech 7" Line Thru Swimbait:
Megabass Kanata Jerkbait:
California Swim Jig:
Keitech Jig Trailer:

Fishing for fish of a lifetime is a method, not an accident. By following these steps you can put yourself in a position to consistently interact with the biggest fish in the lake. Pay attention to the details and always be ready because its only a matter of time before a record fish bites. 

Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reel Review

Have you seen the All-New Chronarch MGL?? Tim has been fishing the new Shimano Chronarch for a few weeks now and has fallen in love! He shares his experiences in this video...

Shimano's casting reels have been completely overhauled the last few years. The latest upgrade is the new Chronarch MGL, replacing the Chronarch CI4+. Combining light weight with increased handle size, you're sure to love this reel at only $279! The look and feel of this reel rivals the Metanium MGL, you need to give it a try! 

Gear Shown In This Video...

Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reel:
Expride 7'2" Medium Heavy Rod:
Luke Clausen Finesse Jig:
Sweet Beaver Trailer: