11.5 lbs tops a 42 lb limit!

For those of you that aren’t aware Kirk isn’t just a business partner. He is an up and coming stick and when he speaks be sure to take notes!
– Matt Allen

As the motor shut down and the prop wash faded behind the boat the excitement began to set in. It was one of those days where the weather, the tides, and the moon all seemed to be lining up together.

As I dropped the trolling motor and motored toward one of my favorite banks I turned to Kirk and told him it was time to throw swimbaits.
5 casts later I fell the tell-tale “thud” of a big fish, I rear back on the rod but after a split second the rod unloads… I reeled up to find nothing but two huge scales stuck to hooks on my bait.
I worked the bank meticulously for the next hour and had 3 other huge bites. None of the bites connected for one reason or another. It was starting to feel like “one of those” days and I’m not talking about the kind of day you look forward to!
As I made a return pass through the familiar water I heard a yell from the back of the boat quickly followed by an explosion of water and slime right at my feet! I turned in time to see Kirk rearing back on his Dobyns swimbait rod and an 11.5 lb delta bass tail walking down the side of the boat!
Yes, I said TAIL WALKING! I’ve never seen such a big fish get all the way out of the water and stay there for an extended period of time!
After a quick fight and a quick net job the fish was in the livewell. We each took turns cursing ourselves for not taking the time to hook up the video camera in advance but at least you get to enjoy the release video!

We had no idea what was coming as the afternoon wore on! When it was all said and done we had a 42 lb limit anchored by Kirk’s 11.5 lber. Truly an amazing afternoon to be on the delta!

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